But only recommended for handlebar ends

But only recommended for handlebar ends

There are many lever manufacturers. It should be noted that these have an ABE (applies to the brake lever) with it. This is also to be carried. Must not be entered. For the TüV date one must have these naturally also with it. There are many different variants. Color combinations of levers. Unfortunately, there are also companies where the anodized already after a year from the sun can bleach out.

Handlebar conversion

With the handlebar conversion there are many things to consider. First of all you need of course handlebars with partial certificate or if available with ABE for the respective vehicle. If you only have a partial certificate, the handlebars still have to be approved by the TüV (46€) and then registered at the registration office. ATTENTION! Consider the handlebar clamping. 22mm, 28mm or 25.8mm. There are even other diameters. If necessary, convert with suitable risers. The handlebars must not be too wide, otherwise the brake and clutch lines and the throttle cable will no longer fit and will also have to be lengthened. The fittings are bolted to the original handlebars. Usually secured by a small hole in the handlebar to prevent twisting. These drillings must one at the new handlebars also vonehmen. (I don't think much of removing pins from the fittings, as these can come loose again over time). As a rule, you also need new handlebar weights, because the inner diameter of the handlebar changes or a different type of attachment is necessary.

With a new handlebar not only the appearance changes, but also the seat position as well as the driving behavior. Usually wider handlebars are purchased, which make cornering even more fun. Handlebars are of course available in many colors. Streetbar and superbike handlebars are among the most sought after handlebars.


There is the possibility to just get new grip rubbers, which are available in different colors and patterns.These are simply re-bonded. Companies: Harris etc. Außedem there are still Giffe, which are made of anodized metal and thus look even nobler. Here it is to be noted that with this variant the gas handle is completely exchanged, d.H the existing gas nozzle on the handle is replaced by the new gas handle and is no longer needed. ATTENTION! Although such grips are available for almost all bikes, it is still advisable to check beforehand whether they are suitable for the bike. The appropriate bikes are in the manual. Handlebar ends of course actually serve as protection. To avoid handlebar banging (vibrating). Accessory handlebar ends are more for beautifying the bike. They are usually much lighter than the original handlebar ends. Kellermann has heavy handlebar ends in the program. ATTENTION! It is important to pay attention to how the new handlebar ends are attached. They are available for screwing with different diameters or with spreading rubbers or spreading metals. With the spreader variant one needs a handlebar which is hollow. It is necessary to pay attention to the correct inner diameter. With the screw variant one must pay attention to the correct screw diameter. It must also be considered whether you need bar ends with hollow wall, because without the too far to the outside and you can not get directly to the handle, which of course looks unsightly.

Accessory mirrors

There are normal handlebar mirrors, handlebar end mirrors and fairing mirrors. First you should note that the mirrors have an E-approval and so TüV are compliant. The mirrors with ABE have an E-number. Without E-number not TüV conform. When buying handlebar end mirrors, it is also important to pay attention to the thread diameter, as well as the thread direction. Mostly both mirrors are right hand threads. Exceptions are e.G. Yamaha, Ducati and a few exceptions where the left mirror has a left-hand thread.

Handlebar end mirrors can be mounted in different ways. 1. Move the fittings, so that there is space to screw the mirror. Faucets then need new holes. 2. Screw mirrors on the ends of the handlebars. Recommends itself however only with handlebar ends, which are screwed with thread. 3. Handlebar end mirrors as Lenekrenden, are screwed directly into the handlebars. ATTENTION! Check that the mirrors can not come against the tank. Possibly then a wider handlebar is necessary. Since the old mirror holes are still present, you should turn them over or make them tight with a plug.

With fairing mirrors there is not very much to consider. They should be adjustable in any case, that you can adjust them to your size and they should not be too short. Often there are also fairing mirrors with integrated turn signals. Most fairing mirrors allow the bolting to be moved so that they fit on many bikes. But there are also exceptions, where more effort is necessary.

Brake fluid reservoir

There are also some things to consider here. Just like the brake lever, the brake fluid reservoir (front/rear) requires an ABE for the corresponding vehicle. This is of course also always to carry. To be shown at the TüV appointment. It is also important to have a sight glass. The right size for the amount of reserve of brake fluid. During the conversion, the brake fluid must be refilled until there is no more air in the lines. They come in different colors and shapes.

Steel braided brake lines/kits

There are already ready kits for many bikes. One can select oneself here different color combinations, which upgrade and beautify the Bike again around einges. The braking power or the pressure point. The dosage can be noticeably improved. ATTENTION! Here again an ABE comes into play. Without ABE not allowed. In addition, there are also brake lines with partial certificates, which must be registered. Special designs are also possible. The installation or exchange is very time-consuming, but as is well known, the eye eats with you.

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