An overview of the most important motorcycle types

An overview of the most important motorcycle types

As with automobiles, motorcycles have evolved into different types over the past decades, differing in terms of intended use and riding characteristics. For Motorcyclists, who primarily prefer short and fast trips, the types of sportsman, super sportsman or so-called streetfighter are particularly suitable. On the other hand, if you prefer longer rides with a certain degree of comfort, a chopper or cruiser is a good choice. For off-road trips, however, motorcycles of the Enduro type are particularly suitable.

The most important characteristics of the different motorcycle types

Motorcycles of the sportsman, supersportsman or streetfighter type are oriented in particular to the Machines from Racing. Streetfighters include, for example, the models from Ducati, which have correspondingly powerful engines. The driver usually assumes a crouched sitting position. The motorcycles have very tight full fairings. In addition, this type of motorcycle can also be recognized by its slim full fairing. Motorcycles without special fairings are also known as "naked bikes" or roadsters. However, due to the also missing windshield, roadsters are often very uncomfortable at higher speeds of 130 km/h and above. The driver comes here directly with the wind forces in contact.

An Enduro, on the other hand, is designed for off-road riding. Characteristic are the elongated fork and the oversized shock absorber. As a result, the Enduro can easily swallow larger bumps and jumps are optimally cushioned. The tires have a very coarse tread and the exhaust is raised to protect it from mud and splash water. In addition to the classic Enduro, so-called touring enduros are also offered. These have enjoyed great popularity for several years due to their versatility. As with the normal Enduro, long suspension travel is used, but the motorcycles are additionally equipped with roadworthy features. The rider adopts a largely upright sitting position, which is why these machines are also very suitable for tall riders. The touring enduros offered today are very lavishly equipped. Usually offer plenty of space for luggage.

Especially in the USA very popular are the so-called Chopper or Cruiser. The best-known representatives of this category here are, for example, the models of Harley-Davidson. The seating position on the chopper is lower compared to other motorcycles. The machines have a longer fork. Especially rather small-grown motorcyclists very often decide for such a motorcycle type. These motorcycles gained worldwide fame primarily through the film "Easy Rider", in which Dennis Hopper and Peter Fonda made the American west coast unsafe.

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