A travel cancellation insurance for the inland

A travel cancellation insurance for the inland

Since most trips are booked well in advance, travel cancellation insurance is a useful and important protection against paying high cancellation fees. An important point in choosing the right travel cancellation insurance is the scope of coverage specified in the tariff.

Travel cancellation insurance – scope of application

– at home – throughout Europe – worldwide

Within the country

– the amount of the cancellation costs depends primarily not on the destination, but on the time of the cancellation – cancellation costs for domestic trips can be just as high as for trips abroad

Europe-wide insurance coverage

– suitable for most journeys

Worldwide insurance coverage

– especially for long-distance travel – certain countries – USA, Canada – may be excluded from worldwide insurance coverage

Compare offers& Calculate costs

Travel cancellation insurance offers may include different insurance benefits at different premiums and with different scope of coverage. That's why it's worth comparing insurance with our comparison calculator. You can reach this via the blue field "To the insurance comparison". After calculating the best travel cancellation insurances, an online insurance conclusion is possible.

Even if a long-awaited vacation trip is usually well planned well in advance, it can happen at any time that the trip cannot take place as intended due to unforeseen events. Illnesses, accidents and other unplannable events not only cause great disappointment, but also a financial burden arises in addition to the lost vacation, because tour operators and airlines sometimes charge substantial cancellation fees. A travel cancellation insurance can not prevent the anger and disappointment about the missed trip, but at least takes over cancellation costs, if a booked trip through no fault of his own and unexpectedly can not be perceived. Travel cancellation insurance can be purchased, depending on your needs with different scopes of coverage. From domestic cancellation insurance, to cancellation insurance with worldwide coverage, all variants are available on the insurance market.

Travel cancellation insurance – an indispensable protection

Most vacation trips are booked long before the trip begins. Even with the best planning and preparation, it can easily happen that the vacation cannot be started at the scheduled time. In most cases, this happens completely unintentionally and through no fault of their own. Trip cancellation insurance covers cancellation costs if a trip must be canceled due to illness, accident or death. Even in the event of an unexpected loss of employment or damage to the policyholder's property due to natural hazards or fire, the cancellation insurance covers the costs incurred for travel cancellation. The amount of the cancellation fees depends on the price of the trip. The time of cancellation from. The costs incurred can be considerable under certain circumstances. Unforeseeable events can make it necessary to cancel any booked trip, regardless of the destination. Therefore, there are travel cancellation insurances with different areas of validity. From domestic, European to worldwide insurance cover, the cancellation insurance can be taken out as required.

A travel cancellation insurance for the domestic market – is it worth it??

Who goes on vacation within Germany is often of the opinion, a travel resignation insurance is superfluous. However, the amount of cancellation fees to be paid in case of travel cancellation depends on the price of the trip and the time of cancellation. If the upcoming trip is canceled shortly before departure, the cancellation fees are much higher than if the cancellation is made several weeks or even months before the travel date. Thus, the destination in question is primarily irrelevant to the amount of withdrawal costs. Therefore, the fees for cancelling a trip within Germany may be much higher than the cancellation fees for a trip abroad. There are special tariffs, in which the area of application of the travel resignation insurance is valid only for Germany. In some variants are thereby also trips into the neighbouring foreign country up to 48 hours with in the insurance protection included. Thus, the travel cancellation insurance also applies in Austria, provided that the stay is not longer than 48 hours. Likewise, the travel cancellation insurance for Switzerland is valid for up to 48 hours.

Insurance coverage within Europe or worldwide – both are possible

For example, if you are looking for a travel cancellation insurance for Italy or a travel cancellation insurance for Greece, you should choose a variant with Europe-wide insurance coverage. With a travel cancellation insurance with a Europe-wide scope of validity, insurance coverage exists in all countries within Europe. If, on the other hand, travel cancellation insurance is needed for the USA or travel cancellation insurance for Japan, a rate with worldwide coverage should be chosen. To find the right travel cancellation insurance, we recommend an online insurance comparison. For the calculation of the most favorable offers, the rate calculator always has the current data of all providers in question. For insurance comparison please click here.

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