A life

A life

"Drive out, press, connect defibrillator", the defibrillator delivery by the fire department is a project that can save lives. The member of the state parliament Helmut Radlmeier (2.V.L.) in the (v.L.) Medical Director of Rescue Services, Jürgen Königer, Second-in-Command Richard Härtter, First-in-Command Stefan Helbing, and firefighter and local initiator Thomas Gärtner (all from the Bruckberg-Bruckbergerau fire department).

Bruckberg – pm (26.10.2021) In the case of resuscitation, seconds decide whether and how the affected person will continue to live. The Bruckberg-Bruckbergerau fire department participates in the "Defi-Zubringer" project, in which the fire department goes out with a defibrillator in the event of resuscitations in the village.

How exactly this works, what advantages the project offers and how it can be expanded were the topics of a technical discussion held by Helmut Radlmeier (CSU), member of the state parliament, with those responsible at the fire department and Jürgen Königer, medical director of the rescue service.

The "Defi-Zubringer" project was initiated by Königer a few years ago and first established in the Kelheim district and then in the Landshut district. The idea behind it is very simple, as Königer described: "In the event of a reported resuscitation, the local fire department is alerted by the integrated control center at the same time as the rescue service. The fire department then brings the defibrillator to the scene of the accident with its fire truck, performs cardiac massage and connects the defibrillator.". The advantage: The fire department, where only 2 to 3 firefighters are needed for the operation, can normally be on site within 2 minutes. The rescue service, on the other hand, has to move out from its bases – if it doesn't happen to be close to the scene of the incident. "This speed can save lives," Königer pointed out.

The strengths of the project

Another strength of the project: simplicity. "Drive out, press, connect the defi," Königer put it succinctly. No one is overburdened by participation in the project. We deliberately avoid mouth-to-mouth resuscitation. Because cardiac massage is more important, he said, because it restores blood flow to the brain. "This was also important for the acceptance of the project in my team. We are no physicians or paramedics, but laymen. And we can still do something good," says Stefan Helbing, 1. Commander of the Bruckberg-Bruckbergerau Fire Department.

The project is very well received by the comrades, as Helbing's deputy Richard Härtter explained: "When you go out, you know that you are doing something useful. It motivates immensely". To ensure that everyone is fully prepared, interested fire departments receive appropriate training before they begin participating in the project. Königer pointed out that the additional calls are kept within reasonable limits, saying that the defibrillator usually results in about five calls per year for the Bruckberg Fire Department. "However, these additional missions are missions that can save lives," emphasized Thomas Gärtner, firefighter and initiator of the project at the Bruckberg-Bruckbergerau Fire Brigade.

Copycats wanted

For Helmut Radlmeier, this is an absolutely commendable commitment: "The 'Defi-feeder' project is as simple as it is sensible. I'm very pleased that eleven fire departments in the district are already taking part.

It is also an ideal complement to our efforts to provide rapid assistance during resuscitations, which z. B. As a result of heart attacks, at least in the production sense. We in the CSU state parliamentary group have therefore set aside funds so that more defis can be placed in busy places, such as marketplaces. We also used funds to initiate the creation of a database containing all accessible defibrillators. Because only if I know where the nearest defibrillator is, for example, via a cell phone app, will it be of any use," says Radlmeier, a member of the Health and Care Committee.

A goal must be it now to bring the Defi-Zubringer further into the surface, was united one. "If a fire department is interested, I'm happy to provide information on site without any obligation," underlined Jürgen Königer. The Bruckberg-Bruckbergerau fire department is also happy to contribute field reports and insights from the field, according to commanders. The more fire departments that participate, the greater the chance of saving someone, he said. "Imitators are expressly desired here," Radlmeier summarized.

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