You will find out at the latest

You will find out at the latest

Discount protectionWith MAXIMOS® discount protection is possible from no-claims class 4 upwards. There is no downgrading for three claims during the term of the contract. If your car remains claim-free, you will be continuously granted a more favorable no-claims class – as usual. We offer this discount protection for both liability and passenger car system insurance (comprehensive cover).

Compensation for impairment

Damage will cause your car to lose value. You will find this out at the latest when you want to sell your car or return your leased vehicle. Compensation for depreciation was usually not available under comprehensive insurance. Apart from pure glass breakage or cable damage, we pay a 10% reduction in value compensation for all repair damage in addition to the repair costs.

MAXIMOS® -Plus (direct settlement)

With MAXIMOS®-Plus you receive the so-called direct settlement of your complete property damage by Mannheimer (including consequential property damage) after a collision with another vehicle. That means: We deal with your accident opponent and with his insurance, replace you immediately and independently of a possible joint liability your material damage to 100%. The "Plus" compensation in detail:

– Loss of use or rental car for a maximum of 16 days
– Reduction in value
– Flat rate for expenses
– if necessary, fees for external experts
– Registration and deregistration lump sum in case of total loss
– other loss of service
Claims arising from personal injury are not reimbursed. And: As soon as we can enforce even a partial fault of 50% with the opposing motor liability insurer, even your no-claims bonus remains untouched.

New price compensation

Especially in the first two years, the loss in value of a passenger car is particularly high (in individual cases up to 50% of the acquisition costs). Many a car owner became painfully aware of this after the elimination of new price compensation. Therefore we recommend you to include the new price compensation. The prerequisite is that the period between the first registration of the vehicle and the start of the contract is no more than 2 months. Demonstration cars are also insurable under the above conditions. After the expiration of the "new price years" the premium will be reduced accordingly.

Reimbursement of transfer and registration costs

If you buy a replacement for a stolen or destroyed car, you will again have to pay for the transfer and registration of the car. These are usually not replaced for you by other comprehensive insurers. MAXIMOS® does not have such "hidden" excesses. We reimburse up to EUR 500.00 for transfer costs and up to EUR 100.00 for registration costs.

Difference coverage (GAP coverage)

If you suffer a total loss with your leased vehicle or if it is stolen, there is often a difference between the lessor's claim from the leasing contract and the insurer's payment in the amount of the replacement value due to the lack of a new price compensation agreement or due to the expiration of the new price period. This difference can be 10 for upper mid-range vehicles.Easily exceed 000 Euro. To be borne by the customer in addition to the deductible. Easily exceed 000 Euro. Is to be paid by the customer in addition to the deductible.

As part of our car system protection we offer an interesting solution. With the difference coverage you get the difference between the vehicle value in the comprehensive insurance and the so-called lease residual value. As of now, this also applies to credit-financed vehicles.

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