Which vehicle bekommt die feuerwehr kirchheim.

Which vehicle bekommt die feuerwehr kirchheim.

After a site visit, the Kirchheim market council discusses whether there are alternatives to the proposed fire truck. How much it should cost.

Such a bargain as ten years ago will no longer be possible in Kirchheim, that much is certain. The Kirchheimers had invested a whopping 6000 euros – and a lot of convincing – in the 15-year-old fire engine of Munich's professional fire department. But now the fire engine has 25 years under its belt -. Spare parts are also no longer available. So a new fire truck is needed, that's been a given for a while now. But which? About it the Kirchheimer market council in its meeting debated after its local date with the rescuers.

Fire department Kirchheim: Assistance fire-fighting group vehicle should cost half a million euros

The new auxiliary fire fighting group vehicle (HLF) 20/16 proposed by the fire department costs about 510.000 Euro. State and district could each contribute around 119.000 euro promote – would remain for the market Kirchheim a remaining sum of 272.000 euros.

"That's a lot of money," noted market councilor Josef Salger. The need for a new vehicle was unmistakable, he said, though he wondered if there might not be an opportunity to buy a used one again. Market councilor Helmut Rampp also missed the alternative to the desired vehicle in the fire department's presentation – and thus the basis for decision-making. He would have liked a comparison quote. Manfred Raupach also lacked competition.

Firefighting in the future with new or used vehicle?

Jürgen Glogger, who himself was commander for 18 years and is still active in the fire department, pleaded for a "new vehicle. There are already used vehicles, but there are often problems with the loading and with the rescue shears. Around 80 percent of firefighting missions involve technical assistance, such as opening doors, rescuing people from cars involved in accidents, or removing traces of oil or storm damage. If one would buy now a used vehicle, the problems are "postponed for ten years". The vehicle, which the fire-brigade suggested now, is a standard vehicle. "With other brands it would be the same 100.000 euros more," said Glogger.

Mayor Christine Vogginger trusts fire department experts

He also mentioned that at that time, ten years ago, only 6000 euros had been paid for the fire truck, but that a larger sum had been invested in it. Georg Baur was able to understand this train of thought. "For me, the financing question already arises, but there is yes a career to the vehicle," he said about the desire of firefighters. After all, half of the costs are covered by subsidies, and if you have to put money back into a used vehicle, it will also be expensive. Second mayor Christine Vogginger trusted the decision of the fire department experts in the village and county, who are familiar with the vehicles, she said. "And for the location of Kirchheim, I think it is absolutely necessary that we are well equipped."

In the end, the market council voted unanimously in favor of a replacement purchase; however, the fire department is still to submit an alternative. Already tonight the market council meets again – with it in the meeting is also the Kirchheimer fire-brigade commander.

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