What was your motivation to establish the bem?.

What was your motivation to establish the bem?.

In view of a changing society that has recognized its social and ecological responsibility and does not want to sacrifice lifestyle or convenience, the BEM wants to integrate the fascination for electromobility into everyday life and implement it through practical experience. The goal: to convert mobility in Germany to eMobility with the use of renewable energies. The association has set its sights high – and it's getting down to business. Facunda green interviewed Christian Heep, Head of Marketing at BEM, and learned, among other things, why sports car fans are also getting their money's worth in the age of eMobility.

Fg: What was your motivation to establish the BEM?

Christian Heep: We want to integrate the fascination for eMobility into people's everyday lives and implement it through practical experience. Emotional experience is a decisive factor in winning society over to the new form of sustainable and forward-looking mobility.

Fg: Why is eMobility a "new attitude to life" in the future??

Christian Heep: Based on renewable energies, eMobility will not only describe a new form of locomotion in the next few years, but rather a new way of life. A lifestyle that combines future mobility with freedom, passion, sustainability and environmental awareness, and takes this for granted.

Fg: What do you see as the challenges that eMobility still has to overcome, especially in the automotive sector??

Christian Heep: The industry needs both legal and technical standardization and quality assurance measures. Only through standardization in the field of technology can electric vehicles be mass-produced. Quality assurance is urgently needed to make electromobility a strong sales market in Germany with correspondingly high domestic value creation. Germany can only become the lead market for electromobility if the industry can set itself apart from foreign competitors with quality seals Made in Germany. The BEM therefore calls for uniform standards for electromobility. This development must be strongly supported by the government. The associations to be promoted. Stable framework conditions are the basic prerequisite for successful market entry. The long-term positioning of electromobility as a realistic mobility alternative for the masses. Only a secure legal framework can create the necessary planning security. That is why the BEM is calling for concrete legislation and measures on the part of the government to create a stable framework for action. In addition, basic financial security and suitable sales models must be created to enable the series production of electromobility. This can be done through leasing models with integrated tax exemption. Happen through targeted support measures by the government. In addition to monetary support measures in the tax area, non-monetary incentives must also be offered. This includes the possibility of using the bus lane. Free parking in the city center for electric vehicles. Concrete support measures must be simple. Be formulated in an understandable way.

Cross-industry cooperation between energy suppliers, electric vehicle manufacturers, system suppliers and research institutions is urgently needed to establish Germany as a lead market for electromobility. They can create the necessary technical and economic conditions to become and remain competitive. If smaller, innovative electric vehicle manufacturers enter into cooperation with larger vehicle manufacturers and energy suppliers who are already positioned on the market, a win-win situation can be created for all sides. The necessary electromobility expertise often comes from the smaller companies, often from the SME sector, that specialize in electric vehicles.

Fg: How eMobility can be combined with forms of renewable energies?

Christian Heep: "The use of renewable energies is the basic prerequisite for reducing CO2 emissions. Strategic partnerships between utilities offering electricity from renewable sources and manufacturers of electric vehicles can contribute to the necessary reduction in emissions. Energy suppliers on the one hand are interested in bringing electric vehicles onto the roads in large numbers to create a sales market for renewable energies. The e-vehicle manufacturers, on the other hand, benefit from electricity packages that they can pass on to their customers at attractive prices, for example in combination with leasing agreements.

Fg: What arguments would you use to convince the driver of a sports car to buy an e-car??

Christian Heep: eMobility has nothing to do with renunciation – even sports car drivers get their money's worth. The British super sports car Lightning GT, for example, impresses with its elegant silhouette, 700 hp and can reach 100 km/h in four seconds. The big feature of the electric runabout is its four wheel hub motors, which give it a top speed of around 209 km/h. Emission-free.

Fg: Regardless of the topic of eMobility, what do you think is the simplest way to contribute to a "better world"??

Christian Heep: "Sustainability and moderate action in general are key arguments for a sustainable economy and make a significant contribution to preserving the world for us and future generations. The energy factor will play one of the most important roles here. If we can continue to set standards in this area, it will have a global impact.

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