What to do when the car is suddenly gone.

What to do if the car is suddenly gone?

The number of car thefts has decreased, but in contrast to the downward trend, the economic damage to the stolen has increased.

What to do when the car is suddenly gone.

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The number of car thefts has dropped to its lowest level since reunification, according to insurers' surveys. Nevertheless, last year in Germany came more than 15.000 hull-insured cars lost, as determined by the German Insurance Association (GDV). According to the GDV Motor Vehicle Theft Report, insurers paid an average of more than 19 euros for each theft.800 Euro. This represents an increase of seven percent. By the way, SUVs and expensive sedans in particular are at the top of car thieves' wish lists.

In case of car theft, quick action is required

If the car is no longer where the driver last parked it, after the initial shock, the victim is immediately faced with the question of what to do next. In principle, it is advisable to act as quickly as possible after discovering the theft: The police must be notified so that they can search for the stolen vehicle. Immediately after that the responsible insurer should be informed.

What to do when the car is suddenly gone.

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In the event of a vehicle theft, partial coverage insurance compensates for the damage incurred. Even those who have taken out comprehensive insurance will be compensated, because the partial cover is automatically included in the comprehensive cover. A car theft has no influence on the personal no-claims bonus, assures the GDV. The insurance customer is reimbursed for the so-called replacement value. From this, however, the respective deductible is deducted.

The motor vehicle liability insurance is not enough

Those who only have a motor liability insurance policy, on the other hand, are left empty-handed if their vehicle is stolen. This is probably one of the reasons why around 85 percent of all car drivers take out comprehensive insurance, among others. This will also pay for damages when car thieves break open a vehicle and steal parts from it. Partial cover insurance pays for the theft of permanently installed car parts. It also replaces a car window smashed during theft.

What to do when the car is suddenly gone.

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In order for an insurer to process a reported theft claim, it needs proof from its customer that a report has been filed with the police, as well as a written notice of claim from the customer. In both cases, the car owner concerned should be able to provide reliable information about his vehicle and its mileage. This makes the process easier. In addition, the insured person must send all vehicle keys and the vehicle papers to his contractual partner and provide information on the value. In addition, the stolen vehicle must be deregistered with the registration office. The certificate about it should be sent to the insurer. All of these notifications should be taken care of within a week.

And when the car appears again?

If the car is recovered within one month of the insurer receiving the claim, the owner must take back the "lost" car. If the vehicle has been damaged in the meantime, the insurer will pay for the repair of the damage. It will also pay the costs that may arise from the collection of the car – provided its location is more than 50 kilometers away from the home location of the vehicle.

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