What kind of traveler are you.

What kind of traveler are you.

Do you want to discover the most unique attractions and all the peculiarities that Cuba has to offer? If so, then a round trip through Cuba is just the right thing for you! The advantages of a roundtrip are obvious: it allows you to plan Discover many different places on the island in an interesting and stress-free way. You will never get bored, always discover new highlights and experience the country and its people at first hand. So you can look forward to active and authentic way to get a more complete picture of Cuba. Have planning stress. Full safety?

Then we at Cuba Buddy are exactly the right choice for you! On a Cuba Buddy tour we adapt your itinerary to your wishes and plan it together with you. We take care to choose the best time for you to travel, to meet all your personal expectations and to answer all your questions. In this way you will receive a customized itinerary that will allow you to experience the wonders of Cuba while maintaining a degree of freedom and independence. If you are completely satisfied, we will then book this trip for you as All-round carefree package.

Our individual Cuba trips are usually package tours and therefore secured by the package travel law, with the obligatory travel security certificate.

What kind of travelers are you?

You do not know exactly what you want to see or do on your trip? You do not want to do a simple bus tour through Cuba? No problem!

We have options for everyone and we will find the places and activities that are best for you. We have already compiled a small list of different types of trips and possible itineraries, but all can still be customized accordingly. In Cuba there are classic car rental tours as well as classic car tours.

If you want to be very flexible on the road, have a look at the different transportation options when you browse through our round trips. In the transportation section we describe the pre& Disadvantages of vintage cars, rental cars, private transfers and many more in detail.

Active or relaxed? City or nature? Mountains or sea? Swimming or hiking? Simple or Luxurious? Find out which of our tours is suitable for you or with which tour we can start your planning as a base! Not intense enough yet? No problem! Together with your buddy you will find the right mixture and plan the trip according to your individual wishes.

Active travelers

A vacation for those who Action and adventure dear! If you want to recharge your batteries by traveling, trying new things and having adventures, you definitely belong to the "Active Tour" category. Whether it's a challenging mountain hike or an exciting dive to discover shipwrecks along the coast, the Caribbean island has much to offer for sports enthusiasts and adventurers alike. Mix of fun. Create excitement for you! Travel through the enchanting landscapes of Cuba, ziplining through the treetops or learn the basics of Cuban Salsa!

If you are passionate about a certain sport, we have prepared some great activities for you. All tours can of course adapted to your wishes and are only suggestions to inspire you when planning your trip with Cuba Buddy!

Culture lovers

If for you, vacationing means getting to know the country and its people by getting into the local culture immerse yourself if you feel like discovering the works of local artists and musicians, then you fit into the category "culture lover.

A round trip through Cuba allows you to go back in time and into the past Colonial history of the country to immerse yourself.

Discover Havana's rich art and culture scene, the beautiful colonial buildings in colonial towns, follow in the footsteps of best-selling author Ernest Hemingway, or learn how to prepare a real Cuban dish during a cooking class!

Visit a tobacco plantation in the west and get to know the traditional cigar making or visit the mausoleum of the revolutionary hero Che Guevara in the small town of Santa Clara.

Decide for yourself how much culture You want to experience, so that your trip will be perfect – we help you to plan your individual itinerary!

Nature lovers

Hiking amidst untouched natural landscapes, enjoying the silence in the lonely mountains and diving into hidden, crystal clear rivers. Does this sound like your kind of vacation?? Welcome to the "outdoor enthusiasts" club!

During your tour, everything will revolve around the magnificent Flora and Fauna of Cuba. You will have the opportunity to discover the diverse nature of the island and hike through the impressive landscapes. Cuba also has some fascinating national parks, such as the Topes de Collantes National Park in the Sierra del Escambray, where you can see rare animals and listen to the sounds of exotic birds on guided hikes or bike tours. Many of these Hiking or biking tours can be customized according to your wishes be integrated into your tour.


Is it part of your idea of a perfect vacation to lie down, enjoy the sun with a book in your hand, swim in between and let yourself be pampered?? Then a relaxation tour is just the right thing for you!

If you want a relaxing trip and still want to see some of the country, a tour in a vintage car is a good choice. With with a vintage car you will be stress-free taken from one place to another. Your driver knows the routes like the back of his hand and can take care of all the navigation and organization of your itinerary for you.

During the oldtimer tour you can stop at beautiful places – especially along the coast you can take a relaxing break at the sea. Cuba's beaches all have their own characteristics, so you'll never get bored exploring them and swimming in the crystal clear waters.

At the end of your tour, you can stay at an all-inclusive hotel on your favorite beach, such as in Varadero or also in Cayo Santa Maria pamper yourself, relax by the pool or enjoy culinary delights with an ocean view!

If you like both relaxation and exclusivity, our Cuba luxury tour is a highly recommended option!


You can't decide between a lively boat trip, an interesting city tour or an outdoor concert? You don't have to! With a Cuba-Buddy-Tour you can combine culture, sports and relaxation without any problems.

So if you like to combine many different possibilities on your travels, you are in the best hands with us! You need a few days of rest on the beach. Which historical places you would like to see.

Travel individually or in a group

Many tour operators only offer group tours to Cuba. We have group tours as well as individual tours to Cuba in our program.

On a individual round trip you have of course unlimited independence and a high degree of individuality.

Compared to individual round trips, group travel offers the possibility to use the Split the cost.

In addition to the time-consuming planning of an individual trip, you often have to deal with language barriers on the ground and misinformation on the internet. If you want to avoid this, get the best travel tips from our Cuba experts and experience Cuba individually, then we have the right offer for you.

Whether from West to East Cuba with a beach stay at the end of the trip or just a relaxing beach stay at a Caribbean beach, we will find the right itinerary for you.

Entry requirements for Cuba

The entry requirements for each country vary significantly. Therefore You have informed yourself in advance about the entry requirements. You can find all the information on our page. Our team of Cuba specialists has put together a downloadable entry guide for your Cuba trip, so you have all the information you need at your fingertips when you're on the go.

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