What do i have to consider when leasing a car.

Creditworthiness is the most important prerequisiteComparable to taking out a bank loan, proof of sufficient creditworthiness is one of the basic conditions for leasing. As a rule, you can only get a leasing contract if you have no negative entries with Schufa or other credit agencies and can prove this accordingly with a credit report.

This precaution is not only to protect the dealer, but also yourself: If you have existing loans or other debts, the risk of getting into financial trouble with an additional lease is greater.

Decisions before conclusion of the contract

To avoid a rude awakening in the end financially when leasing, you should think through the following things carefully before signing the contract:

Keep an eye on the total costs: For your dream car the leasing rates seem suspiciously low to you? Attention, because the total costs are not only composed of the monthly rent. In addition comes under circumstances also a unique special payment. If the rate is very low, it is usually the higher.

Types of leasing: With car leasing you can choose between residual value and mileage leasing. What the exact differences are, you can read in the corresponding article of this guidebook. The contract period with leasing contracts is usually fixed. An early termination is not possible. But sometimes life circumstances can change faster than expected -. For example, the two-seater should become a family car as quickly as possible. Therefore, it is best to choose a contract period that remains manageable for you.

Compare financing options: Every financing needs to be well thought out. But especially private people should have different models calculated to see if the leasing contract offered is really worthwhile for them.

Before you sign …

It's better to take a little more time than too little to study the leasing contract carefully and have details entered in it. You have agreed an automatic gear shift with the lessor? Then this should also be written down in the contract.

Very important: Always pay attention to the small print, because once you have signed the contract, you cannot simply cancel it. If passages or individual terms are not clear, it is best to have them explained to you again in writing.

Important at the end of the contract

Identify defects at an early stage: You do not have to remove all defects. However, if you return the car with damages for which you are responsible, this may be more expensive than it should be. It is therefore best to have such defects rectified before handover. You should also keep all inspection dates. Or you can show the car to an expert in advance to be on the safe side regarding possible claims of the leasing partner.

Check the protocol carefully: The return protocol is one of the most important documents when it comes to leasing. Ideally, you can check the log at home at your leisure. Do not have to sign it on the spot when you drop it off. In any case, if you do not agree with any of the defects or costs noted, this must be recorded in the return protocol before you sign it.

More and more private customers in Germany are leasing their new cars.

What to pay attention to for the use of the leasing car

Leasing means renting or leasing in German: The leased car remains the property of the bank or leasing company for the duration of the contract. You acquire with the contract only a right of use. Modifications to the vehicle are therefore forbidden with a current leasing contract, as is mortgaging or pledging the car.

Since you as the lessee are usually responsible for the insurance of the car, you should choose it as carefully as if it were your own car. A fully comprehensive insurance has the advantage that in the case of a total loss often all costs from the leasing contract are taken over.

Whether you have an accident or not, if you ever need to go to a repair shop, you should note that you are not necessarily free to choose the repair shop in the case of a lease. You may only be allowed to take your car to pre-determined authorized repair shops.

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