What are the tips for cheap electricity.

What are the tips for cheap electricity.

During our interview with gas company J96, we took the opportunity to get tips and tricks to help you Get cheap electricity. The summary of this interview can be found below.

Is cheap electricity a utopia or a reality?

If we look at the price of electricity in France compared to other European countries, we find that we do not pay it so expensive. Although it will annoy some people, electricity from our nuclear power plants has this advantage. So the problem is not so much the price of electricity as the use of it.

What do you mean

Let us be clear. The consumer will never (or only with great difficulty) influence energy costs, as this is a macro-economy. On the other hand, this is possible on a daily basis because he chooses which appliances he wants in his house, etc. Accommodates.

What tips or advice could you give our readers about?

Without daily renovations, it is easy to save money and make electricity cheap. Financial help to pay your electricity bills

For example, if possible, operate household appliances during off-peak hours (between 23:00 and 06:00), and you will save about 40%, depending on the provider and region.

Another example when buying a new appliance is low consumption appliances. Even if class A products are more expensive (prices have come down in recent years), you can write off that cost relatively quickly.

In terms of lighting, another energy-intensive element, replace your traditional lamps with LEDs. They last three times longer. Consume three times less. And do not forget that the cheapest electricity is the one we do not use. So get the most out of sunlight. If you want to save on heating costs: Your heating is electric. Works on the same principle as gas. Be smart about how you use heat (hours of operation, temperatures required, etc.).).

And if we want to continue this approach?

Even though finding cheap electricity is a very laudable goal, this problem needs to be addressed in a comprehensive way. A house is not only about electrical installations. It is also necessary to consider essential issues such as insulation, the choice of windows, etc. To consider. In short, if you have a renovation project, it's best to turn to a construction firm like ours, which will do its best to advise you on how to achieve a smart job and stay within budget.

We would like to thank Mr. Alves, the manager of the J96 Thermal Design Office (www.Jota96.Com), for this advice. Undoubtedly, they will be very useful to you! Do not hesitate to compare the prices of different suppliers, sometimes very different …

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