Wallschule visits ‘its’ fire department

Wallschule visits 'its' fire department

Classes from the Wallschule on the road in the Hagen. All 3. Classes had this week in the morning. Also a Friday afternoon) booked an "appointment" with us at the firehouse. Classes had this week in the morning. Also a Friday afternoon) an "appointment" with us in the fire station booked. It was to visit the fire department as well as to learn one or the other about our work and the activity. In addition the teachers had taken up contact to our Björn, which organizes among other things KiTa and school class support in the fire station and associated inspections.

First of all, Björn explained to the boys and girls exactly where they were and how they had to behave when the fire department was on duty, because after all we are always on duty and ready for action. After this "safety" briefing Björn and Kai started with their program. The fire station was presented in its entirety, the vehicles were shown and also the dressing in case of alarm as well as the putting on of a respirator was demonstrated. Afterwards it was a matter of dividing the groups, in order to let one group try out the guidance of a jet pipe and the extinguishing itself, as well as to present our turntable ladder as rescue equipment to the second group.

A special feature was a boy named Anakin. He visited the fire station in a wheelchair. But it turned out that the fire department (here: especially our Björn and Kai) know how to improvise, so that he could feel the "fire department feeling" as well. Whether it was riding in the fire truck or on the turntable ladder, the two did not miss the opportunity to give him the experience of firefighting, even with special effort. A chair was placed in the basket of the turntable ladder and then Anakin was lifted onto the chair. Then it went over the ground to experience a ride in the basket of the turntable ladder. Also the ride in the fire engine could not be missing. In our LF 16 they hoisted Anakin into the crew compartment, where he took a seat on the attack squad. The strapping on of a breathing apparatus could not be missing at the ride for Anakin either. The two real firefighters were at least as happy as he was, because the strength and joy of life was visibly impressive for the two firefighters.

All in all, it was certainly an exhausting and time-consuming week for Björn, Kai and Theresa, but the three firefighters were very happy to invest it in explaining the fire department to the young firefighters and showing them a real firefighting feeling… The wide eyes and the obvious fun of the kids confirmed all of them in what they were doing and their motivation. As Björn says: After the school class is before the next school class! 😉

Pictures: B. Dietz / K.

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