Then the opinion has prevailed

Then the opinion has prevailed

Somehow a certain myth seems to persist around tire pressure on road bikes. Surprisingly, there is always talk of "The spinner rides on his racing bike bulging tires, certainly 11 bar". Alternatively also from fool, doofus or braggart. But always 11 bar. Why the eleven bar does it to you and why 11 and not 12 or 10 of all things. No idea.

On the one hand, the myth amazes me, because bicycle tires have a maximum pressure z.B. Could that be 3 bars on a 50 mm "city" tire. I guess, from 5 bar the thing bursts. Ergo, very much more pressure than "imprinted" does not go anyway. That is not where the myth comes from.

Pressure is force per area, so when considering the width of a tire, it goes in the square (^2). The tire manufacturers also know this :-), so it applies roughly to the tire widths:

54 mm 2.5 bar 44 mm 3.5 bar 32 mm 5.0 bar 25 mm 7.0 bar 23 mm 8.0 bar 20 mm 9.0 bar 18 mm 11.0 bar

Maximum pressure.

Therefore you are not a louse if you fill up an extra wide MTB tire only with 2,5 bar resp. No hero, if you drive a 18 dachshund cutter with 11 bar. More pressure but the same power that takes you off the road.

10 years ago, it was common on racing bikes to ride 20-er tires, heroes rode 18 mm. Then the opinion has prevailed that it does not depend on the width of the tire. Today there is (almost) nothing but the 23 rather even wider armchairs🙂

I suppose the 11 bar legend comes from these times, when it was professional to drive 11 bar on the narrow hoops. The 18-er were however also very puncture prone. I had the only once on it.

It is much more important to always keep close to the maximum values printed on the tyres than to assume that a racy racing cyclist has 11 bars. With every wheel, except it goes into the terrain respectively. The weather is With. With rain gladly times a bar less. There is also a "one bar always goes" faction that always puts one bar too much on the tire, I don't do that, I could imagine highest as useful for long rides with latex tubes o.Ä. Introduce.

About the pump: Good floor pumps are already available for 25 EUR, they can easily handle 10 bar. Simply rummage, in the data sheets of the pumps also the maximum pressure is indicated. Decisive I find here however rather the pump head, there is from "Hakelig and after three times pumping rubber exchange" to "Dran, Drauf, finished".

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