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August is currently in Cologne the gamescom. The world's largest trade fair for computer and video games attracts visitors to the exhibition grounds in the cathedral city again this year. Manufacturers from all over the world present themselves and their products, including the ESL and Mercedes-Benz.

Mercedes-Benz has been a sponsor of ESL since 2017, offering a new kind of driving experience behind the wheel of an all-electric car at their booth with the in-car gaming EQC. Visitors can play the racing simulation "SuperTuxKart" while sitting in a parked vehicle on the MBUX infotainment system display in the Mercedes-Benz EQC. The operation is done by steering wheel and pedals. This makes the EQC another Mercedes-Benz model, after the in-car gaming CLA, that has this show feature. The feature is not yet available as standard. It rather shows how the future could look like.

The fact that interactive infotainment plays a major role at Mercedes-Benz was also demonstrated by the panel participation of Alexander Satanowsky, Manager NeXt Scouting Daimler AG, as part of a satellite event at gamescom. This was about how automobility is changing and what future role gaming might play in vehicles. The future of interactive infotainment was on display with the in-car gaming CLA. A corresponding presentation by Alexander Satanowsky also part of the Mercedes-Benz Media Day at SK Gaming. Unlike gaming in Mercedes-Benz vehicles, this one focused primarily on SK Gaming's eSports pros and their daily training routine. Media representatives had the opportunity to gain insights into the structures of SK Gaming parallel to gamescom. SK Gaming is leading the way in eSports in terms of sustainable treatment of its players. In addition to the long-term development of successful teams and players, SK Gaming emphasizes schooling, fitness, health, as well as the teaching of social values, which was important to Mercedes-Benz when deciding to invest in the SK Gaming eSports team.

"Besides the shared values of SK Gaming and Mercedes-Benz, there were many other reasons for us to invest in a leading eSports organization like SK Gaming" said Bettina Fetzer, Head of Marketing Mercedes-Benz. "From the beginning, we didn't want to be a pure sponsorship partner, but an organic part of the eSports community. As part of this community, we benefit as a brand from an intensive build-up of know-how, access to insights and an authentic perception of our activities in the eSports world," Fetzer continued. Journalists got exclusive insights into the work of professional eSports athletes during a behind-the-scenes tour of SK Gaming's new training space at its Cologne location, where the collaboration between SK Gaming and Mercedes-Benz was explored in more detail from the different perspectives in roundtable discussions.

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