The own car rental what all parties should absolutely know

The own car rental what all parties should absolutely know

Contract in advance saves troubleWho wants to save trouble, can set up a loan contract, advise the GDV experts. In it the borrower insures in writing to come up for possibly arising damage.

Lending is allowed, you do not have to report it to the insurance company. Only those who have a policy in which they are registered as the sole driver are not allowed to lend out their car. "He finally gets a discount on the premium," justifies the association. If he lends out the car anyway, he risks a contractual penalty.

If acquaintances want to drive abroad with the borrowed car, it is advisable to give them the car documents and a power of attorney. Otherwise, border officials might think the car was stolen. If the rented car breaks down, you can call the breakdown service or the emergency call of the car insurers at 0800 – 668 36 63. Because the cover letter applies to the vehicle – regardless of who is driving it.

Flashed at the traffic light over red or with speed 100 in the pedestrian zone? The public order office always sends parking tickets to the owner first. However, they can object to this. Name the actual driver of the car. If he conceals this, he may have to keep a logbook in the future to prove when he was at the wheel.

Platform for short-term car rental

Those who lend their cars via a platform for private car sharing are on the safe side when it comes to insurance. On Internet portals active throughout Germany, such as getaround or Snappcar, you can lend your car to people in your neighborhood for a week, a day or just a few hours. Searching by postal code.

The deal is secured by a compulsory insurance paid by the hirer. The short-term policy through the insurer R+V is automatically activated when the contract is signed for the duration of the rental period (with liability, partial and comprehensive cover, excess 500 euros). This means that the owner of the car is not upgraded after damage because his own insurance does not have to step in.

More and more users

The private short-term loan is popular: The provider Autonetzer from Stuttgart already lists 5 vehicles.000 vehicles on his side on. The platform currently has around 40.000 active users, their number more than doubled last year. Tamyca from Herzogenrath also gets 45.000 registered users and offers vehicles in different categories – from "Hauptsache billig" to "große Klappe" (vans) or "topless" (convertibles) and takes a 15 percent commission for the brokerage, just like the other providers.

A rental car costs around 20 euros a day, including insurance cover. Who wants to borrow a car must have at least three years of driving license and be older than 23. So this is nothing for novice drivers. Occasional sharing of owner-occupied property is not commercial. Prerequisite: The vehicle may not be purchased specifically for the rental, must be used mainly by the participant and may only be passed on to others from time to time. The income must be taxed. Loreen Görtler, spokeswoman for the Autonetzer exchange, points this out. The platform has imposed strict rules on itself: Each participant may offer a maximum of two vehicles and lend each of them for a maximum of 100 days a year.

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