The first time from our readers iker, big bike, because i am professional

This time Iker Alvarez Andalusian MTB rider and in the world of downhill mountain biking known as "Crippled known, he sent us his first time with his fresh license and his new HONDA CBF600S, told us about the whole purchase process and the nerves during the trip with the money in the pocket. He also accompanies a video recorded "on board" with his experiences. Mal. But let's continue with the story of Iker. His first big bike. But let's continue with the history of Iker. His first big bike.

The first time from our readers iker, big bike, because i am professional

In a place in Las Rozas where you have to buy 34 € batteries with two bin Laden, I was with my faithful squire and 4500 euros in my pocket on the hunt for my first motorcycle, a silver CBF 600 S, although it should not be so Is not so important for a color blind. Two weeks of driving license and the total lack of experience with large motorcycles guarantee me.

We completed the transaction satisfactorily and we are waiting for the motorcycle to be limited for a Gañán without knowledge and holder of the new A2 license. Pay nearly 500 euros to have almost half the electricity removed, without a doubt very much, but the law is the law and as Leela says; "You gotta do what you gotta do."

It took another two weeks before they limited the bike, so they said it was one of the first limitations and they had to be homologated. Mr. Bernacus picks up the bike and goes to a hard test week, in which he could not convince the bike, to see that this week in the garage it corresponded to the Avensis the bike passed all the quality controls to which it was subjected by the taster. In the meantime I wait for the starting signal. Get daily progress updates. When a week has passed and everything is perfect, I buy the AVE ticket, not without difficulty due to the temporary inability to distinguish the 12/24 hour format that would take me to the capital of the Kingdom and get closer to my first experience with a vehicle with optimal power to weight ratio.

The first time from our readers iker, big bike, because i am professional

Arrival in Atocha and we screw up again, leave the wrong way. I don't give a shit about… I look like Claudio when he visits Marlo. Atocha is larger than America and Asia combined Shit!. We arrive at the garage and see the bike, a quick look at the bike, dinner that you buy a new motorcycle, but first things first, pleasant get-together over dinner, Belén Esteban in full HD and the envelope that is there the next day is to get into 400 kilometers pilots.

We don't get up too early, light breakfast, hand over papers and keys. Now we went to the garage for the ITV sticker protocol. The first time the motorcycle took off. It starts the first time, despite the cold, we give ourselves a few minutes to warm up "during" he explains all the tricks of the motorcycle, temperature "ok" and I get on the bike, I shift gears first and do a few laps around the garage, everything was smooth and the bike looks very manageable. I park it and we go back to the apartment.

The first time from our readers iker, big bike, because i am professional

Previous experience: 300 meters garage, 6 or 7 change from 1. To the 2., a few stops and several 90º turns. With so many flying hours, I happened to dress up as a biker and drive with the motorcycle 400 kilometers to my home. The weather conditions were not the best to make his debut with a motorcycle on a 400-kilometer highway trip, the 5 degrees they made driving almost uncomfortable. Thanks to very good gloves, a good jacket and the no less classic pajamas under the pants, thanks to all this nothing gets cold during the ride.

I leave Madrid with the M-40 very carefully, because I still do not dominate the reactions of the motorcycle too much, although you come to it immediately, because from the point of view of a cowboy who has never ridden a big motorcycle in his life, he is very teachable. The ride continues without incident to Puerto Lapice, there I decide to drive to Puertollano, along the Don Quixote route, looking for a section that I know has good curves and perfect asphalt, so I stop abusing the straight lines of the highways. Since it was winter, the road had salt tracks that did not give confidence and even less without knowing the bike, how to brake and reduce optimally, etc.

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