The ‘bicycle climate’ in the city

The 'bicycle climate' in the city

Delme Report: Mr. Abramowski, in your position you always have to deal with traffic matters – are you yourself a cyclist in Delmenhorst?

Hendrik Abramowski: I ride my bike about 95 percent of the time. Both on duty and privately. Which does not mean, however, that I do not also like to drive the car sometimes. Especially when appointments are outside, the time does not always allow to go by bike. But otherwise I also do a lot of business trips by bike.

Have you ever noticed something missing or even annoying on your bike routes?

Yes. There are some things that are not good, but also others that are very good. As a problem I see the in parts quite outdated Verkehsinfrastruktur, which is precisely because of the traffic planning of the 60s and 70s but strongly oriented to motor vehicle traffic, when bicycle and pedestrian traffic rather played a minor role. However, this is not only a Delmenhorst problem, but is also the case in many other cities. Nevertheless here is a good. Quite dense network of cycling paths available. I find that astonishing and remarkable, but you can see very well, especially at the Stadtwall, that the traffic system is geared to motor vehicle traffic. However, this should be improved in the future.

In the surveys of the ADFC Delmenhorst has scored with the mark 3,8. Do you think the result is appropriate?

I find the result accurate. Honestly, I must confess that I expected a worse score. However, it must be said that this survey was addressed to the population and at that time 90 people from Delmenhorst participated in it. For a representative result, however, you need a sample of 1.000 participants. But I think the ADFC's campaign is good, because it gives you an idea of where you stand.

Are there any current plans to improve or even expand the bicycle traffic in Delmenhorst??

In any case. Delmenhorst has adopted a transport development plan at the end of 2014, in that the improvement of cycling in the city is a clear priority. In principle, this is the guideline that the administration is now following. Among other things, this plan includes a route concept with appropriate coverage of the city area. There we are also. Two routes are already planned. It has been decided. Once a route to Deichhorst. A route dead straight in the direction of Bremen. There will also be bike lanes within these routes. Here we have already received approval from the town council that we can implement the routes. I find it good that also the policy recognized the topic bicycle traffic as positive and supports the administration with the plans. The funding opportunities in Germany are better than ever at the moment. Of course we would like to profit from this. Personally, I would very much like to see the old railroad line to Lemwerder converted into a cycle route at some point, perhaps even as a high-speed cycle route.

Where are in your opinion the weak points on Delmenhorst cycle tracks?

Weaknesses are definitely breaks and interruptions in the bike lanes we have in the city area. The Gerhard-Hauptmann Straße or the Ludwig-Kaufmann Straße are to be mentioned here, for example.

Do you have a favorite route that you would like to recommend to all cyclists as an insider tip??

Yes, there I have even several. The city as well as the region have beautiful areas to explore by bike. My favorite is the route always along the Delme to the north over Hasbergen, then further in the direction of the Ochtum barrage and then gladly still further in the direction of Lemwerder always along the Weser. Beautiful.

About the person: Hendrik Abramowski (52)was born in Bremerhaven, has lived in Delmenhorst for 24 years and has been working for the city since the end of 2014. Before that, the qualified engineer for spatial planning was employed for a long time at the Senator for the Environment, Construction and Transport in strategic transport planning.

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