Small tricks, big effect

Small tricks, big effect

If you use one or the other helpful trick when flirting, you often have a clear advantage when it comes to standing out from the crowd of potential flirt candidates. But which methods are really promising? We have researched the best flirting helpers for you.

Flirt helper 1: The best friend or the good buddy
You have a person you can blindly trust even in a precarious situation like flirting? Wonderful, because this is the ideal flirt helper! If your ally is very self-confident, the contact with the object of your desire succeeds as if by itself. But also shy people have less problems with addressing strangers if they do it for a friend and not for themselves. A "Hey, do you already know my friend XY??" Can already be enough. And if the conversation should come to a standstill or the chosen flirting partner turns out to be a flop, your flirting helper can help you at any time. This tip is aimed primarily at the ladies. Requires a certain acting talent. So ladies, stand helplessly and let us save you! It doesn't matter whether you're wandering through the hardware store looking for something – very high flirt factor – or urgently need math tutoring or have forgotten where the brakes are on your rollerblades. Don't laugh, this trick has already been proven to be successful with our parents' generation! If you're really brave and also a great swimmer, you can take advantage of the summer weather to mime drowning at the swimming lake or outdoor pool. Here, however, it is not certain which rushing rescuer will eventually give you mouth-to-mouth resuscitation.

Flirt helper 3: Man's best friend
Every dog owner will confirm that a four-legged friend is the best way to strike up a conversation with strangers. The Golden Retriever is the most popular dog among Germans. According to a survey, 75 percent of respondents see this breed of dog as the ideal flirting aid. The positive qualities attributed to him such as friendliness. Balancedness are transferred namely often automatically on its owner. Of course, you don't have to get a dog now. But just take the animal as a pretext to address its master or mistress. A nice compliment about the cute dog is often enough to start a conversation.

Flirt aids 4: The lighter
You are smoker or have at least no reservations against a smoking flirt partner? Then this classic is perfect for you. Especially in times of the smoking ban, the group of smokers in front of the restaurant or bar entrance forms a conspiratorial community of outcasts. This is how you inevitably get into conversation with each other. Giving fire or letting yourself be on fire additionally offers a first opportunity for physical closeness, because your counterpart has to let you get pretty close to be successful. If you – understandably – don't want to risk your health for a flirt, you can still easily use fire as a perfect icebreaker. Just choose a restaurant with candlelight for your date.

Flirting helper 5: Playfulness and sportiness
Now that the summer has decided to show up in our country, the good weather offers countless flirting opportunities in the fresh air. Just pack utensils for partner sports when you go to the park or the beach. Maybe your flirting partner has a desire to play. An invitation to play badminton together seems much more harmless if you add that your best friend, who actually wanted to come to the weekly match, has unfortunately just cancelled. Or you do your stretching quite by chance at the same park bench as your jogging chosen one.

Flirt helper 6: The barkeeper
Admittedly, this trick is difficult in open-plan discos – here you can hardly expect the bar staff to know every guest, let alone their favorite drink. But in your regular pub, the bartender can be of great help to you. Not only does he know whether the pretty redhead at table seven is waiting for her husband, or that the mysterious stranger at the bar goes home with a different woman every night. He can also take on the role of mediator by strategically allocating space or, on occasion, put in a good word for you with the object of your desire. Therefore you should make it in any case by regular visits, respectful behavior and appropriate tips to the friend.

In general, of course, flirting helpers are just like pick-up lines. If the mutual sympathy is not right, also the best flirt method can unfortunately not change it. But whoever comes across as natural and nice always has better chances in any case. In this sense: Have fun flirting, dating and falling in love!

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