Perform simple work on the car safely yourself

Perform simple work on the car safely yourself

Modern cars have a lot of electronics and assistance systems, which are a practical support when driving, but mean a lot of effort for repairs. While certain parts can be replaced or installed by yourself, for other occasions there is only the option to have this done by a specialized workshop. Only then, in addition to the appropriate equipment, the trained personnel is also on hand to properly handle the defect.

Simple mechanics simply do it yourself

However, modern new and solid used cars also have a certain amount of simple mechanics that the driver can do himself. This includes changing the wheels as well as the bulbs for the headlights or the wiper blades. This is where § 30 of the German Road Traffic Licensing Regulations comes into play, according to which parts that are crucial for traffic and operational safety must be easy to inspect and replace. There is also a corresponding EU regulation that classifies the replacement of lights in particular as a repair that can be carried out simply.

Also the cleaning or. The change of the air filter from dirt and dust particles as well as other foreign bodies is a matter, which experienced drivers with some manual skill can settle themselves. What would be a long car trip without important messages of the traffic radio or entertaining music? Installing or removing a car radio is also a job that can be done easily and without much effort by yourself.

Better to keep our hands off some repairs

As much as an inspection or repair in a specialist workshop can strain the budget, this step is simply important for certain things on the car. Whenever the safety and reliability of driving is at stake, it is better to let the expert take over. This includes everything around the brakes. Another aspect that makes independent repairs on the car almost impossible is the fact that in modern cars a lot of electronics is installed. Among other things, this has recently made changing tires almost impossible for non-professionals. Here there are namely recently installed sensors that constantly monitor the tire pressure.

Elaborate work that requires special tools or equipment should also be a matter for the workshop. After all, there are professionally trained mechanics on duty, who can also operate the necessary tools properly. This is the only way to ensure that the fault or. The damage is repaired and the car is again roadworthy and safe on the roads.

Pay attention to safety when repairing on your own

Anyone who performs work on their own car should not only keep in mind the aspect of road safety of the vehicle, but also their own. Therefore, occupational health and safety is an important issue in this context. Information from the specialist dealer gaerner shows the potential of safety equipment, which should also be mandatory for every lay mechanic. Just wearing professional safety shoes and gloves is an essential contribution to be able to do the work comfortably, safely and to a high standard on your own.

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