Parents often do not have the opportunity

Parents often do not have the opportunity to let children grow up close to nature and animals. Thereby the contact with the animal is valuable for the social development. A great wish of most children.

Parents often do not have the opportunity

But who has the necessary knowledge about animal husbandry, feed and care?. In addition, there is no time for vet visits. In leisure time you have to consider the needs of the animal.

So you quickly find yourself in a conflict: you want to allow your child to have an animal, but you already have too little family time, you are often too tense in the evenings, and you don't want to burden yourself with even more obligations.

Parents often do not have the opportunity

That's where we come in: We are Martina and Matthias Zeltner, have two boys ourselves and live on the Zeltnerhof, a vacation farm in the beautiful Odenwald forest. Many of our vacationing families regret not being able to keep an animal at home. The children are enthusiastic about the animals. Especially the chickens have done it to them. When feeding, petting and looking for eggs, children forget everything around them. They enjoy animal company, relax to the quiet clucking of the chickens and, of course, are incredibly proud of THEIR eggs. But we also know that the time of parents is often scarce. That's why we wanted to find a solution for reconciling family time problems and children's preferences. I claim you can reconcile all this – and now show you how:

I provide the immensely important animal experiences for your children where they also spend time in the fresh air AND you don't need prior knowledge, or much time.

This is how easy it is to rent our chickens:

1. You choose a delivery date.
2. Write to me below and feel free to ask any questions you may have
I will confirm the appointment, answer any questions you may have, and you and your children can look forward to seeing the new temporary pets

Parents often do not have the opportunity

But of course I don't just bring chickens, you get the coop, an enclosure, feed, bedding, detailed instructions and lots of family fun… Your kids will be thrilled and you really only need about 15 minutes a day to care for the chickens. However, you will notice that you would like to spend more relaxed time with our chickens.

But that's not all: You rent our chickens without any risk, because if you don't have the time/desire for your roommates earlier, a short message is enough and we will arrange an earlier pick-up date. But also if there are any questions in between, feel free to give me a call.

Parents often do not have the opportunity

Become your children's hero today – easily with relaxed family time with no fuss and great animals. Families do not have to choose between disappointed pet wishes and time management. Acquire knowledge. It's really easy -. Your child will be thrilled. It is really easy -. Your child will be thrilled.

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