New blue light to bring in the winner

New blue light to bring in the winner

However, the blue light on the "emergency vehicle" had broken down, and a fire truck without a blue light – that is unthinkable for the young people of the Obernbeck firefighting group. That's why they fixed the electrics on their famous soapbox, which looks like a fire truck. At the soapbox race, the vehicle should then pass all the others with blue lights on.

To make sure the soapboxes can race down the new track at top speed, Lisa Perner has taken care of new wheels for another vehicle, the black soapbox. She took off the old wheels with which the soapbox had already competed in the last race. Deputy Youth Director Margarita Stamati explained: "Even the smallest cracks can cause the wheel to break. This is what happened to us at the last race. To be on the safe side, we prefer to replace the wheels."One of the soapboxes is her constant problem case. "The steering rope is probably broken again. The soapbox had already a steering problem at the last race. Now we have to change the rope again," said Stamati.

Three soapboxes need to be repaired

A total of three soapboxes were waiting for a new coat of paint at the firehouse. The fourth one has already been repaired by its sponsor. The fire department soapbox will shine in a bright red during the race. With its fold-out ladder on the roof, it is a real eye-catcher. When it comes to creativity, the Obernbeck youth fire department may again have competition from Wittel, the deputy youth officer knows: "The Wittel youth fire department started last year with a crocodile."

The soapbox in the shape of a fire truck is the only vehicle that the firefighting group has built itself so far. But for the next year Margarita Stamati plans to build one or two new soapboxes. "But we already have a fire truck. Then how about an ambulance?", suggested the deputy youth spokesman Vico Valentino Völker. He wants to start at the soapbox race himself this year. "I think driving the soapbox is fun, and I want to get the win for the Obernbeck firefighting group," said Völker.

Preparation for the race is a lot of work

Jennifer Kirchhoff is also motivated to join in the fun. But before the race is ready, the two and their colleagues had to put a lot of work into the soapboxes and the preparations for the race. Because in order to draw the attention of many visitors and participants to the race, the fire brigade has large posters, which must be pasted with the current data and cleaned every year.

The youth is allowed to repair the soapboxes for the first time and felt up to the task. The youth fire department will compete with a total of four soapboxes. At the soapbox race on Saturday, 17. September, everyone is welcome with their own soapbox. But the youth fire department also lends out its soapboxes. The deadline for registration is Sunday, 11. September. However, last-minute participants can still register on the morning of the race day. On race day, there will be a free practice session at 11 a.M. To test the soapboxes on the new "Am Nordhang" track. From 13 o'clock it becomes then serious with the race. The soapboxes take off from a ramp. Fight for victory on 220 meters on the new race track. The soapboxes of the participants must not exceed a weight of 120 kilograms.

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