My website is finally online!

My website is finally online!

Topics on which I have sound background knowledgeLike most copywriters, journalists and authors, I have an natural curiosity and enthusiasm, that always drives me to explore new things and exciting projects to get to know. For this reason, the range of topics with which I am well to very well acquainted is also quite wide. I have collected a pre-selection for you here.

To travel

I love to Travel and foreign countries get to know. When I am not traveling, I devour all kinds of information or watch documentaries with wanderlust factor. My favorite program is "At the table in…" On Arte. And that brings us to the next topic:

Healthy diet

I myself have been feeding myself for many years gluten-free and know me with this diet very well. Beyond that, however, I also deal with numerous other diets, such as Veganism, Paleo, Clean Eating etc. So when I look at the ingredient list of supermarket products, I can decipher what's actually in it. At the same time, I also know which fruit contains the most magnesium. I have. I will. Since my back is a chapter in itself and challenges me again and again, I am also no stranger to the topics of back pain, rehabilitation and preventive sports. For this I can tell pages and pages.

Sports, fitness and yoga

Due to the back pain I just mentioned, I came to the sport. And that to sports that are good for my back. These include yoga, Pilates, swimming, core and BBP. Beyond that I am for nearly all Water sports and skiing to inspire. When the weather is nice I am almost always with the Bicycle on the way.


I have since 2008 the Class A driver's license and I love to ride through the countryside on two wheels. I also fell in love with a new lady at this year's motorcycle show. And depending on how the season is going, I will Kawasaki Z650 first test ride and soon hopefully call my own. If you're looking for a female perspective for your motorcycle magazine contact me!


Since 2017 I am Mom of a wonderful son and can talk in detail about the High- and downlights report this exciting time. If you're interested in the top 10 unexpected realizations I've experienced with child, write me a message.


My list of experience treasures is continuously extended. Should your niche not be there yet, then appeal to my innate curiosity, the a strong side of my personality makes up. This is because I love to explore new topics and get exciting insights.

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