Motor vehicle tax

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Vehicle tax – How much annual vehicle tax do I have to pay??

Motor vehicle tax

You want to calculate your car tax levies for 2015 yourself? With the help of our tax calculator, we would like to help you with this. Additionally we show from autoverkaufen.Net, you all the changes that have taken place in the course of the change in the motor vehicle tax law in 2009.

According to §1 of the motor vehicle tax law (§1 KraftStG) all motor vehicle owners in Germany are obliged to pay the motor vehicle tax. Since 2009 the motor vehicle tax in the Federal Republic is again regulated. This brought about some changes. So that you can still calculate the amount of your vehicle tax for 2015 yourself, we would like to present all the changes to you briefly and simply.

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Calculate motor vehicle tax yourself Changes after 01.07.2009

Motor vehicle tax

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Calculate vehicle tax yourself

The amount of car tax depends on the type of engine, i.E. Whether your car has a petrol or diesel engine, as well as the engine capacity and pollutant class of your car.

Motor vehicle tax

The pollutant class, you can check with the so-called Pollutant key determine. You will find this in the vehicle registration document or vehicle title under "Vehicle and body type". The last two digits of the six digit entry, indicate the emission class of your vehicle.

To find out the exact amount, of your annual car tax, we recommend from autoverkaufen.Net you to use the vehicle tax calculator of the Federal Ministry of Finance. You only have to indicate the date of the first registration, the drive as well as the cubic capacity and the CO2 value of your car and the correct annual tax will be shown to you. You can find the link to the calculator here.

Vehicle tax calculation | changes after 01.07.2009

Electric cars

There has been a special regulation for electric cars since 2009. The first five years after initial registration are tax-free. After this period, the vehicle tax contribution is determined according to the permissible total weight and is waived by half.

Hybrid drive

Cars with hybrid drive, bivalent drive (LPG/natural gas& gasoline) or which run on alternative fuels are not subject to any special regulation. The tax contribution for these motor vehicles, will be calculated in exactly the same way as that for petrol-engined vehicles.

Rotary piston & Wankel engine

Vehicles that run with a rotary or Wankel engine are also taxed like vehicles with Otto engines: According to cubic capacity and pollutant class.

Motorized two-wheelers

For motorized two-wheelers, the same tax law has applied since 1955. One pays 1,84€ per year, per 25cm 3 cubic capacity or part thereof. Light motorcycles, with a power lower than 11kW, with internal combustion engines and a cubic capacity between 50 and 125 cm3 and mopeds that come to a maximum speed of only 45km/h, exempt from registration and therefore also not subject to taxes. This regulation corresponds to §3(2) of the vehicle registration regulation (FZV).


According to the 2009 regulations, quads and trikes should actually be taxed according to their CO2 emissions. However, as there is no information on the CO2 values of these vehicles, your taxation will continue to be carried out in the same way as for passenger cars. Motorhomes are sorted according to their weight. The pollutant class taxed. For further questions regarding vehicle finances, our professional car dealers are at your disposal. In this area they are experts.

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