Mercedes e63 amg a touch of unreasonableness

If you drive an estate car, you don't want to miss out on sportiness. But does it really have to be 585 hp like in the Mercedes E63 AMG?? This question does not arise for a clientele that is willing to pay over 120.000 euros for such a car.

585 HP!!1 or 585 hp??? Behind these two punctuation marks is the different reaction to the question of how many horsepower is under the hood of our test car, a Mercedes me Mercedes E-Class Estate. Normally, the station wagon with the star is relatively unsuspicious of provoking questions about performance, with perhaps the exception of the E500. Our vehicle, an E63 AMG in the S-version, however, already provided acoustically for conversation. But one after the other.

585 HP!!! The three exclamation marks stand for loud wow, deep impression and shining eyes. 585 HP??? The people belonging to the question mark group thus expressed their lack of understanding (ambiguous) and their disbelief. They completed this with the statements: "Nobody needs that" as well as "Nobody can afford that"."Apart from the fact that these statements are not correct, since there are indeed people who want such a vehicle and can afford it, those who expressed reservations were in the minority.

Discreet visual appearance

This is certainly due to the comparatively discreet appearance and, above all, the pleasant sound of the AMG station wagon, which contribute to a positive acquaintance with the car. Whereby the characteristics discreet and pleasant are, of course, subjectively defined by the eye or ear of the perceiver. After all, the tuned estate does without overly martial-looking stylistic changes without sacrificing the obligatory ones like fender flares, exhaust system with two twin tailpipe trims or red-painted brake calipers. And as for the sound? The eight-cylinder engine has the full range of a species-appropriate sound; it can growl softly, but it can also snarl mightily. Small (2 years) and big boys (over 70 years) from the neighborhood enjoyed its sound variety.

Good looks and a nice sound are, however, only sordid accessories compared to the driving performance offered. The AMG models also received some modifications in the course of the E-Class revamp in spring. The 5.5-liter biturbo now produces 430 kW/585 hp, which is 20 kW/28 hp more than before. The engine powerhouse develops a maximum torque of 800 Nm. Power is no longer sent exclusively to the rear axle by means of a seven-speed automatic, but to all four wheels. The all-wheel drive system fitted as standard here distributes up to 67 percent of engine torque to the rear axle.

3.7 seconds to 100 km/h

In 3.7 seconds, the station wagon – with its occupants catapulting into the seats – accelerates from 0 to 100 mph, making it a sports car in its own right. From 0 to 200 km/h, it takes no longer than average mid-size cars need for the standard sprint, reaching the 200 mark in just under 12 seconds. Even more impressive, however, are the seemingly inexhaustible power reserves. So, on the freeway at speed limits, we let GTIs of all kinds (with male drivers behind the wheel) tailgating and overtaking such a vehicle like hyperactive yappers around the E63 AMG have their fun.

Mercedes e63 amg a touch of unreasonableness

Like a good-natured mastiff, our test vehicle was completely unmoved by such provocations, so that once a speed limit had been lifted, it could easily restore the hierarchy in the pack by pressing lightly on the gas pedal and switching to the sharpened S+ driving mode. Acceleration commands from 130 to 180 km/h are executed quite effortlessly by the estate, and even from 180 to significantly more than the usual electronically controlled top speed of 250 km/h it manages without really straining, even uphill. If the customer books the performance package including driver training, an E 63 is happy to run at 300 km/h without limit. Only the engine noise no longer sounds restrained and growling, but loud and hotter.

Serenity instead of cockiness

Mercedes e63 amg a touch of unreasonableness

Apart from such minor ranking games, the AMG station wagon doesn't tempt you to testosterone-driven driving. Serenity (also due to the knowledge of the power potential) prevails. Most of the time we drove in driving mode C (Controlled Efficiency), here the start-stop function is active and shuts down the eight-cylinder engine when the vehicle comes to a standstill. Gear changes are early and smooth. Traveling instead of speeding was the main focus when tuning this transmission mode. We still missed the stated average consumption of 10.6 liters. In our case, 13.7 liters of Super Plus flowed through the lines.

For those interested in such a vehicle, however, the fuel consumption figures are likely to be of secondary importance. Even the purchase price of at least 121.023 euros will hardly scare you, especially since the performance figures are right. On top of that, there is unlimited everyday usability as a family and/or transport vehicle. And who wants, can blow with it also over the race track. It has the technical potential, for the driving ability AMG offers special courses.

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