Making the motorcycle fit for spring

Spring is in the starting blocks, the first rays of sunshine have already appeared and the temperatures briefly went in the direction of the 20 degrees mark – there every motorcyclist heart laughs. Because finally you can get the buck out and ride the first kilometers of the year. But you should not be so hasty! Since the motorcycle has also had a long break, you should give it a proper check first. How to avoid accidents caused by technical defects on the machine. How you How to mothball the motorcycle and make ready for the season, you read here.

Making the motorcycle fit for spring

How to get your motorcycle ready for the new season

The first wash after winter

Ideally, start the spring check with a proper wash of the motorcycle, so you remove the winter dust and can check moving parts and lubricate with a shot of WD 40.

The engine oil

Did you forgo the oil change when you mothballed it? Then now is a good time to change the engine oil and oil filter. Check the manual to make sure you are using the correct oil. If you have already changed the oil when mothballing, then check the oil level now.

The battery

Without a working starter battery you will not be able to make your first drive. If you have not hibernated your motorcycle battery with a trickle charger, now is the time to charge it properly overnight. How to do this exactly we have described in this article – charging the motorcycle battery.

Brake check

Ideally, jack up your machine and do a visual inspection of the brakes first Visual inspection of the brakes. Are the pads sufficiently strong? See leaks in the brake system? Do the brake hoses look porous? Let the wheels turn freely? If the brakes are very dirty, you can clean them with brake cleaner. Now push your motorcycle. Operate the brakes alternately. Is the braking effect immediately there and does the brake piston open again immediately afterwards? Then everything is in order, with problems with the brake you should visit a workshop.

The tires

Very important point, the tires of your motorcycle. If the Tread depth sufficient? If not then have new tires fitted at the workshop. Buck the bike up best and check the tire for damage, such as bulges or cracks. Pay attention also to nails, screws or thorns which you have driven in possibly.

If everything is okay with the tires, then adjust the air pressure according to the manual.

Making the motorcycle fit for spring

Change brake fluid

The mothballing is also the ideal time to change the brake fluid. Because brake fluid is hygroscopic and therefore attracts moisture, in cold and damp garages this is a disadvantage that you will only feel if you brake for a long time and continuously. The brake fluid is heated. The braking effect decreases. If you change the brake fluid yourself it only costs a few euros in materials and you are on the safe side. But even a change in the workshop does not cost the world.

Do the electrics work?

Is the battery charged and reinstalled then you should check the entire electrical system, this includes: low, high, parking and brake lights, test the brake light with front and foot brake. The horn as well as all 4 turn signals, do not forget the kill switch as well as the switch on the stand of the motorcycle. Tip: How to adjust the headlights

Making the motorcycle fit for spring

Do not forget the chain

Very important part of our motorcycle is the chain, and this must also be carefully checked and lubricated before the first ride.

First check if the chain has signs of wear, can it be lifted off the sprocket or does the sprocket / chain wheel have shark teeth? Then it is high time for a new chain kit.

The voltage should also be checked according to the manual.

If all this is done then it goes to grease the chain with chain spray, ideally you do this one day before the first ride, so the chain grease has time to get to the important places and to stick there.

Do not forget the TÜV

In anticipation of the first ride, pay attention to the TÜV, if it has expired in winter? If the motorcycle is deregistered, then you need these documents for registration.

It's not just the motorcycle that needs a spring check – so does the equipment

Often the motorcycle is extensively made fit, but the equipment is forgotten. This includes the complete protective equipment. Is the visor of the helmet still suitable or must it be renewed? Do the motorcycle suit and the kidney belt still fit, or do you have to buy something new?? If you have a leather suit then it will be happy to have it cleaned and treated with leather conditioner.

Conclusion: As you can see there is a lot to do to get your motorcycle and equipment ready for spring. Start in time, otherwise the temptation of the first warm days is too high.

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