Jealous men behavior

Jealous men behavior

I find it interesting to see how easily jealous men are upset. As soon as they are afraid of losing their partner they turn from a man bursting with self-confidence to a little teenager who is afraid of having to give his toy to another child in kindergarten. But what could be the causes?

Jealous men – why do they behave like that??

When it comes to jealousy you must understand that every man is embarrassed when he is caught being jealous. Very few men admit to having a problem with other men or to wanting to keep the woman at their side away from everyone.

Thesis: Jealousy is for weak men

We all have a certain image of a self-confident, self-assured man in our head, who enters the room and attracts attention to himself without having to say a word.
Well dressed, charming smile, he radiates success and strength out and looks attractive to women.

Only very few men today still correspond to this ideal image. Types like Marlon Brando, Brad Pitt or Jon Hamm during his role in Mad Man are only rarely found.

The bar is high:

1. A certain status must be present
2. Successful in their job (money) and
3. Sporty you should also be.
If men now start to compare themselves with Hollywood greats, what has to happen happens: You feel inferior and unsafe! As soon as someone is objectively better than them in only one quality (looks, money, status) they panic.

Because most jealous men would never admit this to themselves and try what weak people do: Degrade the other. They pay so much attention to the new "enemy" that the new stranger suddenly becomes much more interesting for the girlfriend.

So men are themselves the cause of jealous behavior with their power struggle and the urge to measure themselves, to compare and to emerge as the "winner".

Jealous behavior of men arises already in childhood

Men were also once little boys who were dependent on their parents, who were once sad and left alone. Men have also been afraid of being lonely When their parents only left the house for a short time or they were left alone in the car for 5 minutes. It's the small moments of fear of loss that contribute to feeling the same fears as an adult. So they behave like their former self, the childish wounded child, that they are going through a completely absurd fear of death.

If you have frequent fights and possibly both have problems with jealousy, it is important that you discuss your feelings Solve relationship problems* Before you start blaming each other and trusting each other less and less.

Suppose you can go back in time and relive the same feelings you had in your early days, now imagine your relationship would be forever. Many dream of a dream relationship and miss the moment to take the right steps, build the trust and strengthen the love so much that they are inseparable for life.

The man wears the pants in the relationship. Do you think maybe!

Long gone are the days when women were dependent on men. This also has a strong effect on relationships. The man is no longer the autocrat who decides everything and the woman agrees to everything. No man can forbid a woman contact with her old friends or new acquaintances just because he is jealous. If a man tries to gain a position of power by limiting a woman, he will lose her 100%. Many lack real self-confidence* that they try to hide through control or a feigned sense of self.

Women are more emotionally intelligent than men

Women are said to be more emotional than men and have much better empathy than men. Women also pay more attention to their emotions than men do. Even conversations among girlfriends usually revolve around their feelings. Negative experiences and feelings dissolve directly in the bud, while men find it much harder to talk about their feelings with friends.

Men pile up their negative feelings and increase their jealousy extremely, they have no outlet to release the fear of loss.

It should be in both of your interest to Building trust* to strengthen together this base of your relationship to be happy with each other even in a couple of years.

Women find jealous men cute?

I think many women find it funny how some men behave when they are jealous. Suddenly they fight like a little puppy to get attention from the woman. They want to protect their angel from the evil other men who only want to take advantage of them.

I myself find it funny to see the hollywood romance in the men. The perfect love story in which the hero of the story conquers the heart of his beloved. Hach, it is so beautiful. 🙂

If this happens once in a weak moment of the partner, most women find it cute in any case, that their little reverie of the unknown stranger evokes so much commitment from their partner.

Help my partner is afraid of loss

However, if this becomes a permanent condition and the partner is dripping with fear of loss and jealousy, it becomes very exhausting. The adult partner behaves like a toddler and that is very unattractive. A woman wants a man who knows his worth and not a teenager who wants to protect and lock her up from the other bad guys.

As I have written before, it is not the man's intention to behave like this, he has just never thought about how he is behaving. It's like a bad habit that you can become aware of and get rid of.

Every attractive woman gets a lot of attention from other men, if the man does not understand this he will not be able to have a long term healthy, harmonious relationship. Jealous men need to understand that they need to work on themselves instead of blaming their partner.

Jealous men behave so strangely out of love

It's a mix of fear of loss and partly hurt pride as a man that he keeps acting jealous and it drives you up the wall. Also lacks true self-love and you notice this very quickly because they can rarely show love openly. At the same time everyone should learn to love yourself* and it would create much deeper relationships that are emotionally fulfilling for both of you.

Men ALWAYS see other men as competitors and therefore all men you talk to or who are just nice to you are a danger to them in general.

So don't be so hard on men sometimes, they find their own behavior totally embarrassing at some point and feel ashamed of their hurt ego. Your boyfriend/husband only wants to protect you from competitors because he loves you. He only wants the best for you. He fights for that (sometimes a bit too much).

Men are more afraid of being left

Even if it is always swept under the table in the media, from my own experience it is rather the men who are afraid of being left by their girlfriend.

Men today are much more in a fight with themselves and feel inferior to other men, thus their behavior comes when they only sense the hint of danger.

Most men have never learned how to deal with women, they are always slightly submissive and prefer to back down rather than risk an argument. Quarrels mean danger for most men, because they could be left forever at any time.

Like a small dog barking, they panic so much that their behavior turns into the opposite and they eventually lose it due to all the pent-up emotions.

He doesn't know what he is doing anymore and is doing exactly the wrong thing, blaming the woman and wanting to restrict her (control compulsion, "curfew").

Is he jealous? I am often asked if your boyfriend is jealous. How to respond. Basically I think that you should be more concerned about yourself. Almost everyone has phases in his life in which he is jealous.

You probably know moments when it's hard to admit that you're jealous of your boyfriend's best friend, the too nice waitress or even his ex-girlfriend who shows up unexpectedly.

If this annoys you, then I can help you to get your own jealousy under control. It will make you feel more relaxed when you realize that you are becoming fearful of loss and control.

Do you want to make your man jealous?

Many ask themselves how exactly they can make their man jealous now. You read a lot of things, but most of them don't really work out.

You have to know exactly where the "weak points" are in the man to let him dance to your tune.

It's rarely enough to just talk about another man and try to put him in competition, that would be too easy. The first place to start is with yourself.

You need to develop yourself into a woman who is attractive to other men. Both outwardly and behaviorally.

If you manage to approach other men openly and pay attention to your clothes, then you already have the basic prerequisite to.

Men pay a lot of attention to the appearance of women and whether they are feminine, sometimes a little naughty but still lovable.

If you manage to become unpredictable, all men will fall at your feet. The game of giving and withdrawing attention is very important if you want to make your husband, boyfriend or anyone else jealous.

If you are looking for guidance on how to do this, you will find it at this course (Make HIM jealous!) found. He shows you everything you need to know and be able to do. But always be aware that you are responsible with it.

It is just to show you how much influence you have and how easy it is to seduce a man as a woman.

It is easy to conquer the heart of a man* if you know how it works. Men are much easier to seduce than women, because they are very simple-minded.

What makes men jealous& what is their reaction?

Men are especially jealous when they realize they have to do something to stay attractive and appealing. You see very clearly the reaction when you talk a little more than usual from other men.

I have already described the male reaction to jealousy above and it almost always looks like a defiant little child struggling for attention.

But what makes men jealous can also be quite individual. Many men would be jealous even of the 80 year old priest or your little nephew, with whom you like to spend time.

In small measures it is funny to see how jealous men can react, but if it gets out of hand you should seriously ask yourself if this is the right man for you.

Does he want to make me jealous – signs that speak for it

Many men who are jealous themselves will try to make you jealous and thus want to increase their self-worth. You can easily recognize this if you pay attention to the following 5 signs:

1. He flirts with other women so that you should overhear

He could also flirt inconspicuously, but he does it deliberately so that you also notice it or. You should realize. If he keeps looking at you to check if you are noticing his flirting attempts, then this is a big sign that he is only flirting with her to make you jealous.

2. He talks about other women

By talking about other women he wants to create in you the feeling that he is desired by other women and that you are not the only one he is interested in. He is usually too cowardly to show you his feelings directly and waits indirectly for the chance that you approach him.

3. He tries to make himself interesting by talking about topics that are not typical for him

Men always have the urge to prove themselves and to be perceived as special, especially by women. He wants to impress you indirectly and tries to arouse interest in you in that way.

4. He posts pictures of himself partying or with other women

To flaunt his independence and how desirable he is with other women, he will hope you will hear about it. You should notice that he always has other women around him who could beat you to it. He is also trying to make you feel better when you have already given hints that it is not going to work out between the two of you.

5. He plays a game with you by standing you up more often on short notice

Another variant is the game to act as busy as possible and like a man of the world is to cancel reffen with him at the last minute and to apologize. To create hope in you. That your meeting is very special.

If you notice that a man shows even one of these signs, you can be sure that he is either very detached or insecure about it. Power plays are always detrimental to both of you, however, many think they need to have an out for fear of rejection to say "oh, it wasn't serious to me anyway". It is childish, but unfortunately it is used more and more often and leads to a lot of frustration.


That men are the stronger sex is completely wrong in many areas. Men are more and more demanding, they compare themselves more and competition is difficult for them to understand.

Men's insecurities quickly lead to jealousy and panic that they might lose you. Sometimes it seems sweet, but if it is permanent it will be very exhausting and frustrating for you.

I would even say that men are much more jealous than women, they just don't admit it to themselves as much, which makes a man much more jealous.

No woman needs to be with a jealous man for long, it limits the quality of life enormously and makes you unhappy. In the end, you have to decide for yourself what you want, whether the stress and consideration are worth it to you to stay together with a man longer.

To see jealous men you don't have to look far. Everybody knows that one guy who always has a fight with his girlfriend and gets offended if she just looks at someone else.

Men and women often just show it differently when they are jealous. Some try to hide it and others immediately become angry and aggressive.

It also seems like men have competitiveness in their blood and constantly want to prove to themselves that they are better than other men. Of course, this leads to the fact that jealousy arises very quickly and reveals your own insecurities.

How do you deal with jealous men? Or do you even enjoy it when your boyfriend or husband reacts jealously when you talk to or about others?

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Making boyfriend jealous – Here's how you can do it! Does he want to make me jealous – signs are there. Somehow I really start to believe it. Is there any truth to it or does it not do that specially??You can never tell with complete certainty if he is intentionally trying to make you jealous. If you have the suspicion is there however usually something true to it. Most do so only out of hurt pride or because they want to show "who they could have it all". To increase one's own self-esteem by such behavior usually only shows weakness. No one who is happy with himself will try to make you jealous on purpose, just to impress you and to bind you to him. On the one hand, you could almost feel sorry for it, but nevertheless you should ask yourself whether you want this in the long run. You should definitely work on your relationship and how to build a future together and respect each other without power games, otherwise only a breakup will help with something like this. You should have enough self-respect not to let yourself down to that level.

Is he jealous of other men because he loves me?

Especially young men are still very insecure and lack self-confidence. You fear and compare yourself with other men. If a man reacts jealously to others, it is already a sign that you mean something to him. Nevertheless, you should not use this as a means to get more attention and affection from him. You want to be equal and loyal to each other, so it does not fit to try to make him dependent on you and make him jealous consciously.

What makes men jealous?

In most cases it is the competition if you are perceived by other men who have something that he does not have. Whether it's looks, money (career) or a certain character trait like humor or very strong self-confidence. Every man has a weak spot and if you are surrounded by men he sees as a threat to his standing with you, he will be jealous.

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