Insuring the new e

Insuring the new e

Electromobility offers many advantages. But how to properly insure the new e-car and save money. This article gives an overview. Electromobility offers private individuals. Company a lot of advantages. For example, e-cars can be refueled more cheaply because gasoline prices are skyrocketing despite low oil prices, while green electricity will become cheaper and cheaper in the foreseeable future. When purchasing an electric car, various tax benefits and subsidies can be claimed; companies in particular are currently benefiting from a switch to sustainable electric vehicles for company vehicles. Even though e-cars, e-bikes, electric scooters and other vehicles with electric motors are on the road with absolutely no emissions, the batteries are currently still often charged with electricity from fossil energy sources. So it won't be possible to drive in a truly sustainable and environmentally friendly way until Germany has fully completed the switch to renewable energy sources.

Which insurance is the right one for the e-car?

As with any motor vehicle, you can also choose whether you want partial or fully comprehensive insurance coverage for your electric car. The difference between the two types of car insurance is that fully comprehensive insurance also covers damage caused by the other party in an accident. Partial cover insurance only protects your own vehicle, and vandalism is not usually covered. Good insurance for e-cars, however, requires more extensive protection than for vehicles that run on gasoline or diesel fuel. If damage occurs during charging, it may not be covered by an inadequate insurance policy for electric vehicles. A good place to start here would be AdmiralDirekt. They also explain the different types of insurance on your website.

What distinguishes the perfect car insurance for e-vehicles?

The battery is one of the most expensive wearing parts in electric vehicles. This should definitely be insured as part of the car insurance, and not only in the event of an accident caused by someone else. The battery of an electric car should be insured as comprehensively as possible, as it can be damaged not only in accidents, but also during charging or due to other environmental influences. If the electric car cannot be driven for the time being, the insurance company can help out with a free loaner car for the time of the repairs. If you install your own charging station for your electric vehicle at home, you should make sure that it is also covered by your car insurance policy. In addition, a wallbox must be installed professionally by a trained tradesman to prevent cable fires and other sources of danger for one's own property. If a charging cable for the e-car is stolen or breaks down, the good car insurance also covers it. With other providers, such cost factors are purely a private matter for the policyholder.

How and where do I take out a car insurance for the e-car?

For a long time now, it has no longer been necessary to make a personal trip to the nearest insurance advisor. In fact, it can be helpful to compare different insurance providers online in advance. Here, all relevant points can be entered for the future car insurance for the electric vehicle, which influence the amount of the premium:

– age of the driver – no-claims bonus (number of accident-free years) – number of drivers – garage parking space, carport or outdoors – vehicle type and regional class – annual mileage – second car

Depending on the auto insurer, there may be other individual perks to auto insurance for electric vehicles. For example, some insurance companies offer an optional GPS transmitter that continuously monitors and evaluates one's driving behavior. If a considerate participation in the traffic without speeding results, the car insurance becomes more favorable. In the case of a company car, the private no-claims class of employees can be used to obtain a favorable insurance premium. For e-vehicles used for business purposes, it is best to include private use in the insurance policy, as this can otherwise lead to avoidable discussions in the event of a claim.

Saving costs on car insurance for the electric vehicle

Car insurance for electric vehicles is also always particularly favorable when the annual premium is transferred in a single payment. It is also possible to pay off the car insurance on a quarterly or monthly basis, but this results in unnecessarily high additional costs for the policyholder.

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