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Cycling tours Austria

Bike Tours in Austria along the popular cycle paths along the Danube, Lake Constance, Inn, in the Salzburg region, Lake Neusiedl, Mur and many more. Often the Austria bike trips across the border in the direction of Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Slovakia and Slovenia. Cycling holidays Austria are popular and offer something for every age and fitness level. On the one hand there are some exciting cycling routes in the mountainous parts around Salzburg or even in the Alps, on the other hand there is always the possibility to follow the big rivers like the Inn, the Danube or also Salzach, Saalach and Drava to follow. Characteristic Austria Bike Tours Are the perfectly developed bike paths and the numerous options for accommodation. In addition, there are train stations at most of the destinations and bicycles may be carried along. The infrastructure in Austria can be described as almost perfect.

Bike tours in Austria – interactive map


Austria bike tours in the mountains

When talking about Austria bike tours, many people inevitably think of the mountains of the Alps. In fact, there is the possibility to choose cycling tours with lots of views and the one or the other slope. The great thing about it is that alternative routes are always offered, so that even less trained cyclists can comfortably reach their destination on the bike trips. One example is the Tauern Cycle Path, which runs between 270 and 320 kilometers along the mountain range of the same name. You don't have to climb the mountains first, but cycle through the river valleys carved into the landscape by the Inn, Salzach and Saalach rivers. Mind you: if you want, you can of course get sporty on the stretch between Krimml and Passau. Among the highlights are the waterfalls of Krimml, the Mozart city of Salzburg as well as Schärding and the destination Passau.

The Inn Cycle Path, the Salzach Cycle Path and the Saalach Cycle Path can also be considered mountain tours, and the Alpe Adria Cycle Path even has the Alps in its name. All of the above routes and bike tours have in common that they offer breathtaking mountain panoramas and are also characterized by versatility

Bike tours in Austria along the rivers

If you are looking for tranquility combined with a lot of culture, the Danube Cycle Path from Passau is the perfect choice. The route leads at the end up to the Hungarian capital Budapest, but here can also be classified in the field of Austria bike tours. The reason lies in the numerous Austrian stages and places like Linz, Ybbs, Melk but also Krems and Vienna. After Vienna, the route passes through real flat country, and before Hungary, a detour to the Slovakian capital of Bratislava is also on the program.

Although Austria has been referred to here and there as the Danube Monarchy, there are two other major rivers, the Mura and the Drava, with corresponding bike paths. The Drava rises in northern Italy in South Tyrol. Flows on 749 kilometers mainly through the eastern Tyrol as well as through Carinthia. Along the course of the river are places worth seeing such as Villach or even the Klopeiner See and Wörthersee. In general, the Carinthian lakes are perfect for Austria bike trips, because here you can always refresh quickly.

The Mur cycle path in southern Styria rounds off the varied offer. The river is 365 kilometers long and the cycle path is accompanied by a railroad line from Tamsweg, which makes it possible to get on or off at any time. Another plus is the choice of the river side. The existence of any number of museums. The most important stop is Graz, the capital of Styria, with its nearly 300 lakes.000 inhabitants.

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