Here are some bicycle carrier accessories necessary

Here are some bicycle carrier accessories necessary

Each bike carrier system for cars requires its own set of accessories. Thereby such accessories are either obligatory included in the scope of delivery or optionally available.

If it concerns with such a bicycle carrier system around coupling carriers, then here a motor vehicle auxiliary sign with the D-identification intended for it is needed. Likewise, holders are required for the transport of bicycles. Thus such an accessory is composed of a variety of parts.

Here some bicycle carrier accessories are necessary, in order to ensure thereby the full traffic security of the vehicle. In addition, there are accessories as supplements, with the help of which the safety as well as the comfort can be significantly increased. This includes, for example, a ramp for the bicycle to be transported on the bike hitch carrier. Such a drive-on rail also ensures that trekking bikes or mountain bikes can easily get on the carrier. Also frame holders belong to it, This also increases the theft protection as well as traffic safety.

Spare parts needed for repairs

With the bicycle carriers it can happen even with high-quality versions that one or the other part is either lost or broken due to wear and tear. In order to avoid the need to buy a new carrier here, numerous spare parts can help. These include, for example, nuts, caps, clamps, hooks, screws or other additional spare parts. Such parts can then be used to make such a carrier ready for use again before a family trip or a vacation.

Accessories for a bicycle carrier for storage and protection

Just for this range there is a multiplicity of extensions for the most different areas of application. Here are some examples.

With the help of a ramp as an accessory, the bike rack is easier to load. Here the ramp is attached to the carrier, so that thereby a lifting of the bikes is no longer necessary. Here the bicycles are simply driven up. Especially with heavy wheels, which are equipped for example with an electric motor, such a ramp is very helpful in this case.

With the help of extension certificates a bike carrier can be upgraded so that then on the bike carrier even more bikes can be placed there. The number of bicycles that can be transported on the bicycle carrier depends on the drawbar load of the vehicle in question.

In order to protect the rims of bicycles from rubbing and friction, a retaining strap can be attached to protect the rims. Such a solution is an indispensable accessory for bike carriers.

A transport platform as an accessory for a bike carrier allows a bike carrier to transport products other than just bikes. This includes, for example, heavy objects or even beverage crates.

With the help of a wall bracket as an accessory, the bike carrier can be stored when it is mounted. With the help of such a wall mount, a bike rack can be quickly and easily attached to the basement or garage wall there and hung up.

Also come in the form of accessories, for example, frame holders. Such a frame holder is equipped with a modern ratchet fastener for bicycle attachment. Also there is the possibility to lock such a frame holder with a clamp.

In addition, the accessories for bike racks also include transport bags. There can be stored then partly the already mentioned accessories for bicycle carrier in this here available larger storage space.

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