Gta 5 online los santos tuners is now here

GTA 5 ONLINE: LOS SANTOS TUNERS is here nowGTA ONLINE: LOS SANTOS TUNERS is now unlocked. It makes you really want to play GTA again. Online there is now the new LOS SANTOS TUNERS, in which you can compete again with races in new carts and complete robberies by orders. Even fashion labels have been thought of, through new streetwear to buy from the stores…

So it's all the same, just more vehicles and maybe new missions, just like you've seen since GTA 3. Back in the day, we played this game up and down when it was only available in analog and with limited Radio stations Gave. The Mucke you can now easily and with discs and sticks found somewhere, hidden wherever they were, Expand and add.

Gta 5 online los santos tuners is now here

GTA Online – Los Santos Tuners is now unlocked..

There were curious times

…At Rockstar Games. For a long time we had no contact with the PR department of the game builders, because they demanded, not so long ago, to send a postcard with our inquiries. We did and promptly, to this day, received no answers… Now it seems that this company has also positioned itself better and is using the new communication channels that we all know for a long time – the net.

Los Santos Tuners brings to all fans

…From GTA Online is now undergoing an action-packed new update, centered around the LS Car Meet stands – a brand new club and social space where players can come together to show off their modified cars, try out new cars with friends on a private test track, and watch others tune their cars in real time.

Mimi runs LS Car Meet in a rundown warehouse in Cypress Flats. For a cheap 50.000 GTA$ you can become a member here and get access to hundreds of ranks with unlockable clothing, new race modes, new cars and designs, trade prizes and special contacts to help you with the final Orders support.

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Gta 5 online los santos tuners is now here

GTA Online – Los Santos Tuners: THESE cars are now available..

Clothes from the streetwear label: BORN x RAISED

Hoodies and shirts from the label BORN x RAISED are now even for sale. Car Culture and Fashion have long gone hand in hand. The streetwear label Born x Raised Knows all too well and the proof you can now find on the shelves of boutiques in Los Santos. Watch out for BxR's Olde-English-Branding at KDJs (aka Moodymann) jacket as well as on the two new "Born x Raised" T-shirts worn by people in the know. Get the black "Born x Raised"-T-shirt at any clothing store and turns on the white "Born x Raised-T-shirt free by completing the final of an order (will be released within 72 hours after login on 2. August delivered).

GTA for ever?

First made the rogue trains and brothel visits only on the computer, with GTA 3 and then later on the console with GTA 5 mega much fun. Do you still know 8-Ball? By the way, this was the first one where you could have your cars tuned to protect them from the police after theft. Days and nights I spent in this virtual L.A.-Replica and fought my way into one bigger apartment after another to proudly present it at a party to the other players who felt like dropping by, yes posing with it…

How will the new GTA 6 and when will it come? How long does the current Las Santos? All these are questions that we will ask ourselves in the coming years. Because it's far from clear when the new smash hit will go on…


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Beard trend – How long can it be??

Gta 5 online los santos tuners is now here

PORTO – Sunset in the south of Europe

Gta 5 online los santos tuners is now here

Really flashy – PORTO is worth a trip, even if some things are annoying.

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