Grand theft auto 10 things about trevor that make no sense

It only feels like yesterday Grand Theft Auto V came out on the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, with the last eight years passed. Rockstar Games also aren't done with the title yet, as PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X are poised to get the remaster treatment later in 2021.

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By now, most fans have finished the main story, and that means they have plenty of experience with the character of Trevor Philips, perhaps the most unpredictable protagonist in the long history of the series. Although Trevor is a joy to play, there are many details about the trigger-happy killer that don't make sense.

10 He is a free man when the story begins

It's made pretty clear in the first GTA V. Mission that Trevor is unstable, to say the least. Of the three robbers in North Yankton, he definitely stands out as having a particular penchant for violence, death and crime in general. So it's certainly a miracle that he is still a free man before you go against the police for the first time. Especially when the story opens up. Learn more about Trevor. He implies that he sodomized a field hockey coach with a field hockey stick, while he also tells Cletus about it he strangled a clarinet player with his own instrument. It is also suspected that he murdered many animals and even people when he was growing up. So how was he allowed to slip through the system?

9 His lack of intelligence for a military man

Grand theft auto 10 things about trevor that make no sense

To be in the military, you need to vaguely understand the world in any case. And it's made clear in GTA V. Trevor may have a military background, but he's definitely not the sharpest tool in the box.

At some point, the killer claims Rome is somewhere in America instead of Italy. This is basic geography that even a second grader probably knows. So America in Rockstar's games must have a pretty simple checklist when it comes to people signing up to fight for the country, because Trevor just doesn't seem like the ideal candidate for involvement.

8 His brutal murder of Johnny Klebitz

Grand theft auto 10 things about trevor that make no sense

As far as character introductions go, Trevor's is definitely memorable. While fans were able to act as Steven Ogg's character during the first mission, they'll have to wait a while for him to show up again. But when he does, it's definitely worth it. Trevor emphatically steps in and brutally crushes the skull of Johnny Klebitz – the protagonist of Grand Theft Auto IV: The Lost and the Damned.

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But the killing itself actually makes little sense. Trevor doesn't kill Johnny until he starts to retreat, rather than when the biker is out for his blood. Sure, it makes his big reveal all the more memorable, but surely someone with Trevor's wild mentality would have made the kill much sooner – instead of criticizing beforehand.

7 Martin Madrazo Let Trevor Go

Grand theft auto 10 things about trevor that make no sense

Martin Madrazo is not a man to be trifled with in Los Santos. Michael De Santa finds this out for himself when he tears down the gangster's house and becomes indebted to him in the process. But Trevor does something much worse by kidnapping his wife Patricia and forcing her to stay with him in his horrible cesspool of a trailer.

After Trevor allows Patricia to return, fans could have been forgiven for expecting their feud to continue. But Martin, in a surprising twist, decides to turn the other cheek and let it all go. Considering the fact that he is a man with a fearsome reputation, he is certainly out of character and contradicts his overall mentality.

6 Letting Ferdinand Kerimov Go

Grand theft auto 10 things about trevor that make no sense

Over the years, there have been some pretty controversial missions in Rockstar's titles. And "By the Book" is definitely the worst one. To put it simply, Trevor is forced to torture a man named Ferdinand Kerimov on the orders of the FIB. It's pretty gruesome when players are forced to use an array of tools to get the job done.

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Trevor is then asked to dispatch Kerimov. In a surprising twist, however, he decides to let him go – even driving him to the Los Santos airport to get away. Again, it's an unusual move that makes little sense, especially given the way Trevor tells him to flee while his family stays behind, making the victim's life much more difficult.

5 Trevor's roles

Grand theft auto 10 things about trevor that make no sense

Trevor, as mentioned above, is the most violent character in Grand Theft Auto V. That's a mantle that also requires some pretty stiff competition, considering the other heinous characters in Los Santos. But when it comes to the heist missions, he has to take a backseat in three of the four he's involved in. Given that killing people is possibly his greatest strength, this is definitely confusing.

In "The Merryweather Heist" (freighter option), he stays behind with the mini-sub while Michael and Franklin fight waves of soldiers. Similarly, in "Blitz Play". And for "The Big Score" (obvious approach), he flies the helicopter to transport the gold while his two friends do the dirty work on the ground.

4 Sleep problems

Grand theft auto 10 things about trevor that make no sense

GTA players probably don't take naps very often in story mode. To save the game, all you have to do is pull up your in-game phone, press a few buttons and off you go. However, if you decide to give your characters some time to sleep, there is something strange to find.

If the players are asleep as Michael or Franklin, time passes six or eight hours. But when Trevor lowers his head, players actually miss out on 12 hours of in-game action. One possible explanation is that as an addict to methamphetamine, one of the withdrawal symptoms is drowsiness. However, this only falls into the "possible" category, so this warrants a place on the list and no other explanation is apparent.

3 Its clown phobia

Grand theft auto 10 things about trevor that make no sense

Like many people around the world, Trevor is not the biggest fan of clowns. On more than one occasion the mad killer will admit that he detests them. Oddly enough, however, the character can still get a tattoo from one of the many salons in Los Santos.

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This makes very little sense in view of his phobia. After all, arachnophobes are unlikely to tattoo a spider on their body. So Rockstar should have actually assigned the clown tattoo to other characters.

2 His accents

Grand theft auto 10 things about trevor that make no sense

Trevor is quite upset when he is taunted about being Canadian. It's definitely not nice to make fun of other people they come from, and even someone as awkward as Steven Ogg's character is bound to feel pretty emotional when he becomes the butt of jokes.

Except that it's largely hypocritical, because Trevor himself does the same thing to other people in the game world. Ms. Thornhill is mocked for her English accent and terminology, while the killer also can't resist taking verbal potshots at Wei Cheng when they negotiate a deal.

1 Trevor and Michael's general friendship

Grand theft auto 10 things about trevor that make no sense

Of all the things on this list, Trevor's friendship with Michael is perhaps the most perplexing. How did they become friends? Obviously, the GTA V. The main story lifts the lid on their relationship, revealing they were at odds for several years before their heist in North Yankton went awry.

Given the fact that they are such polar opposites, it is still a mystery what they loved each other. Trevor usually likes his friends to be weak, as evidenced by his domineering relationships with Ron Howard and Wade. And Michael doesn't fall under the same category, despite being pushed around by his children and wife Amanda.

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