Engine splash protection

Engine splash protection

Every component that makes up a car has some influence on the driving physics. Among other things, it is worth paying attention to elements such as the splash guard of the engine, because it is of considerable importance for the handling and safety of the car.

The function of the underbody protection: protection of the engine as well as improvement of the aerodynamics of the car

The main task of the underbody protection is, effectively protect important parts of the powertrain and steering system. However, this is not the only function of such solutions. Given the importance of the driving experience for customer satisfaction, it is definitely worth considering this aspect when designing and manufacturing a car. The underbody protection has a significant impact on the quality of the driving experience, especially on the acoustic comfort. This element should absorb the shocks generated by the chassis and the engine during the journey and thus reduce the noise level in the cabin.

Another important aspect of engine splash protection is to support chassis aerodynamics. The use of this component improves the airflow considerably. Reduces the influence of air resistance on the vehicle's handling characteristics. As a result the car can reach higher speeds and lower fuel consumption, while the driver can expect better handling and more precise response to steering in curves. Even if the focus is on optimizing the body, the importance of the chassis for the physics of driving should not be overlooked.

In the construction of a vehicle almost all parameters of the individual systems influence the other parts. Therefore, for best results, they must be considered as a whole. This is particularly important when it comes to the fast-growing electromobility market. In this case, it's also worth paying attention to the less obvious aspects of underbody protection.

Thermal management – an important strategy for vehicle design in the age of electromobility

The evolution of the market places significant demands on certain aspects of the design that were not considered some time ago. Nowadays, engine splash protection must not only function as a component that improves vehicle performance and cabin comfort, but also address the needs of the electric car sector. Thermal insulation is crucial here due to the physical parameters of the currently installed components.

The battery is the most important component in an electric vehicle. Therefore, it is extremely important that it is properly protected. Knauf Automotive's battery covers for electric and hybrid cars are excellent at absorbing heat and shock, allowing battery cells to work more efficiently regardless of the season or road conditions. Providing additional support for mild hybrid and EV designs in terms of weight reduction (a key factor for energy consumption while driving) is therefore definitely a good choice.

Engine splash guard – injection molding as an efficient production process

In order for the lower engine cover to optimally support the car's structure, it has to be made of an appropriately durable material that offers protection against mechanical damage as well as sound insulation. The use of injection molding in the manufacturing process of engine splash guards is a solution that is becoming increasingly popular among companies interested in optimizing production and manufacturing this type of component more precisely.

These are the main advantages of the elements produced by this method:

Very good properties for driving physics – Injection-molded parts are lightweight, which means that they do not affect the forces exerted on the vehicle. At the same time, they ensure optimum rigidity and tightening, so that the aerodynamics of the chassis and other components remain at a high level. High durability – components made with this method are resistant to the most common mechanical damages, such as e. B. Impacts from small stones or dust. Their longevity allows to maintain the optimal physical parameters for a long time during the operation of the vehicle. Elements provide effective protection against low temperatures. Also help improve acoustic comfort in the cabin. The injection-molded splash guard of the engine can efficiently absorb unpleasant shocks, which in turn contributes to a much better driving experience. – The possibility,the structure freely to the needs of the project – due to the considerable importance of engine splash protection for aerodynamics, it is worthwhile to develop a design that optimally supports the vehicle structure. Injection-molded components can be produced in a very precise way, giving engineers involved in driving physics a lot of leeway.

Consequently, it is clear that the sum of these characteristics applies equally well to conventional vehicles that use an internal combustion engine, especially electric vehicles, hybrid electric vehicles and cars with other potential propulsion systems. Durability, comfort and aerodynamic advantages are appreciated by all customers, while the freedom to implement modern solutions and design components to meet the requirements of a particular design is very popular among manufacturers and designers.

Comprehensive solutions for the vehicles of the future from Knauf Automotive

As a company contributing to the development of the electric car market in Europe and around the world, we offer effective injection molding solutions for even better driving performance. We manufacture splash guards for engines and develop and produce a wide range of products to support insulation, reduce vehicle weight and ensure a high level of safety. With a wide range of absorbers and individual components, and thanks to the extensive experience in the implementation of these solutions, Knauf Automotive is able to offer the highest level of satisfaction to customers.

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