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SKN launches the new ECO Tuning product range, a series of products that recognize the ravages of time.

Ever-increasing gasoline and diesel prices are making driving a car more and more of a luxury item. The company SKN, known for many years from the car tuning area, has approached this problem with your worldwide team of engineers and technicians and has developed a real SAVING SOLUTION against the high consumption costs of a car.

"Why do you want to blow money through the exhaust of your vehicle? Save up to 20% fuel on your vehicle, whether it's a car or truck, with an increase in power and torque." This is the motto of SKN. Up to 20% fuel savings are not promised by SKN with ominous additives, but simply programmed.

ECO Tuning – What's behind it?
ECO Tuning describes a range of SKN products that can be used for almost all motor vehicles. The abbreviation ECO comes from the word ECONOMIC = Economical. Behind this is not only the more efficient use of natural resources (oil, fuel), but also the saving – effect for the motorist. Ultimately, it also covers the careful operation of a motor vehicle with regard to pollutant emissions.

Sounds difficult, but it is!
SKN has been dedicated to tuning automotive engines for over 15 years now. So it was not surprising that SKN was one of the pioneers in optimizing and customizing engine control software. Already at an early stage (more than 10 years ago) SKN focused on TÜV tested quality. Even then, series of tests were carried out in the exhaust laboratory of TÜV Nord. By the way, this is what has made SKN one of the leading tuners in Europe to this day.

2 years ago the foundation stone was laid for the project ECO -Tuning. The specifications were clear. Engine software should be developed that guarantees a significant reduction in fuel consumption while maintaining or improving engine performance. In this process, the exhaust emissions should be met, the emission of pollutants should be reduced, and the longevity of the engine should be maintained. Many tests had to be completed.

Long-term studies on the behavior of the engines, measurements on dynamometers, tests in exhaust laboratories and analyses of the fuels were just some of the processes that were run through with more than 20 different vehicles and engines. Gasoline engines were tested as well as diesel engines, trucks as well as small cars. Up to the sports car Audi RS6, the tests, studies and trial runs have always been.

In connection with a well-known forwarding agency, vehicles were equipped with the ECO Tuning software in double-blind studies. The results were amazing. SKN had already succeeded in achieving its ambitious goals in the first few attempts. However, in order to be able to market a market-ready and flawless product in the long term, the stability of the engines was tested over months in everyday use. These tests and the results obtained from them form the basis for today's product.

What are the advantages?
SKN promises significant fuel savings of up to 20% through the use of ECO Tuning on cars and trucks, both diesel and gasoline engines !

Savings and costs
The ECO Tuning car / truck sales prices are chosen in such a way that the purchase of an ECO Tuning product pays for itself after ca. 15.000 – 25.000 km for the customer.

The savings potentials lie in the range up to approx. 20%. With test vehicles a saving in the third – mix of 14% – 22% was reached. This results in a mileage of approx. 20.000 km, from which the investment is amortized at current fuel prices.

If fuel prices rise, the threshold above which the investment is worthwhile drops considerably. If one assumes that one drives a car for 4 years and saves approx. 20.000 kilometers per year, then it is obvious to everyone what savings potential is possible here. We have calculated the case on the basis of a Mercedes SLK 200. With a fuel price of 1.16 euros / liter, after 100.000 km a saving of approx. 2.500,- Euro for an investment of 249 Euro.

For SKN products still applies the sentence: Quality "Made in Germany"! SKN provides a 5-year warranty on the product. An appropriate TÜV certificate offered.

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