Discover the münsterland on your own

Discover the münsterland on your own

Be relaxed on the roadWhoever wants to go on a tour through the Münsterland region to escape the urban jungle doesn't even have to own a vehicle themselves. How would it be then from A to B with a rental car? The general conditions including the favorable prices both for one day and for the complete vacation represent an attractive alternative to public transport and long waits at bus stops and train stations. A rental car makes the trip more relaxed for everyone involved. Above all, the destinations themselves are easier to reach.

Off to the castles and chateaus

If you want to see the Münsterland from its noble side, you should not only have a look at the beautiful landscapes, but also pay a visit to one or the other building.

The castle Vischering becomes a highlight for the whole family. In addition to the spacious castle complex with numerous museums, the building impresses with a large team of helpers and employees who bring fun, entertainment and lots of practical education to young and old alike. In addition to guided tours, children and adults will have the opportunity to participate in ancient traditions, such as brewing beer or learning ancient writing.

The ancient and the modern meet here, as the castle is also the site of interesting workshops and events.

For those who want it even more sophisticated, the Nordkirchen Castle offers a place of visual eye and relaxation. Visitors can choose from three guided tour models, during which they can marvel at the moated castle itself, but also at the classically laid out gardens of the extensive grounds. Those who want to experience even more can participate in the various events, which also offers film tours. Here you can admire the locations of the Lady Diana movie, where the castle and its gardens served as a filming location.

Education for all

Münsterland offers numerous museums and natural sites open to visitors. Especially the facilities of the LWL represent a colorful mix of handicraft, industry, art, but also archaeology. Also worth seeing are the numerous monasteries, which allow visitors to take a look at the everyday life of the community and its history.

In the context of nature conservation and a better understanding of their own environment, families have the opportunity to take a closer look at places like the "Heiliges Meer" education and research center together.

Fans of the Romans, but also of other worlds long before our time, will find an amusing pastime in the surrounding archaeological museums and, above all, many excavation finds that provide information about the era of the Romans and other cultures.

The whole world in one place – the family experience

To ensure that even the youngest members of the family and all animal fans don't miss out, the Allwetterzoo in Münster offers the perfect end to the discovery tour. The site is designed in such a way that animals of all natural zones of the earth find their own area here.

While in the temperate zone wolves and game are waiting for a visit, the subtropics and tropics show some animal species, such as zebras, lemurs or lions, which are otherwise difficult to admire in the wild. In addition, the zoo can offer a conservation campus that provides habitats for numerous creatures whose existence is increasingly threatened by the climatic changes of the world alone, but also by game hunters.

Information panels and the possibility of a petting zoo complete the visit for all animal lovers. Of course, within the complex is also provided for the physical well-being of guests.

And? Already curious about the Münsterland and its many facets? With the right accommodation, a rental car, your own car or by bus and train, all generations can explore a part of the homeland they may not have even considered until now. The Münsterland offers more than just the scene of the crime and green meadows. It is much more the local species richness, but also the wide range of excursion destinations that immerse visitors in another world.

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