Create your own unique car calendar

Create your own unique car calendar

Driving a BMW is a passion, a real attitude to life. Bayerische Motorenwerke can look back on a history of more than one hundred years. In the past decades, legends such as the 5-series and 3-series were created. Whereby the 3 series sedan is the luxury class vehicle that has been sold the most in the entire world. If you ask BMW drivers for their opinion on which model is the most beautiful, you will get different answers. Because tastes are different, it is a great enrichment that every BMW fan can now create his own car calendar with his favorite car pictures. This is child's play, as the following article shows.

The selection of pictures for the vehicle calendar

Basis for an exclusive car calendar are breathtaking photos. Who appreciates his own vehicle most, probably already has numerous pictures of it. If not, then the car is polished to a high gloss and positioned in front of a beautiful background. Charming snapshots are thereby almost guaranteed.

When selecting the images, make sure there is variety. At the same time, a common thread should run through the art project. If the same car is depicted on each calendar page, then it should be snapped from a wide variety of perspectives. One time the cockpit is in focus, another time the radiator grille, the rim or the entire side view.

Of course, a different vehicle can also be photographed for each month. For this purpose, visits to dealers or collectors are worthwhile. Various luxury cars can be photographed there. If you are short of time, a look on the Internet can also provide relief. There are countless photos of dream cars to find.

When using other people's photographs, pay attention to the copyright. Normally there are no problems with a private use. However, the term private use is a gray area. If a self-designed calendar is presented with foreign pictures in the office, it could already come to a right injury. Therefore, ideally freely available photos are used or the owners of the images are asked for permission. It is best to give the consent in writing. The exact use should also be clarified and confirmed. Thus it comes in the follow-up to no discrepancies. Real hobbyists get themselves a blank calendar. Design the pages themselves. The photos of the luxury cars are glued in. More details can also be drawn, pasted or written. Suitable are, among other things, tire tracks, road or license plates. Also the logo of the favorite vehicle may appear gladly at various places. There are hardly any limits to the imagination.

A clean working method is crucial for a beautiful result. Those who find it difficult to cut straight lines or draw a classic car by hand need not despair. Photo calendar providers on the Internet are the solution. At this photo calendar printing company, the following categories are available for selection: – Wall calendars
– Monthly calendar
– Table calendar
– Weekly calendar
– Personal organizer
– Family calendar

Within each category, the user will find attractive design templates that can be modified directly on the website. You can create your own pictures. Add elements. In addition, the frame, stickers and text can be varied. It is also practical that important events such as birthdays, TÜV dates and car events can already be entered during creation.

When designing the pages, it is important to ensure a uniform image. The better the individual calendar pages are coordinated with each other, the more beautiful the result will be. To create a good impression, for example, the same filters can be placed on the photos. In addition, the fonts on each page should be identical.

Even if playing with stickers, pictures and motifs is a lot of fun, it is still important to keep things clear and simple. So that the viewer of the vehicle calendar can later recognize the important details well, the individual pages are not overloaded. In addition, a font should be used that is easy to decipher. As beautiful calligraphy fonts look, with too many squiggles the readability leaves much to be desired.

Using your own car calendar

The self-created vehicle calendar is of course ideal for personal use. It decorates garage walls as well as the desk. It is best to think about the purpose for which the calendar is intended before designing it. If it concerns a garage calendar, the motives of the photos may turn out quite somewhat more rustikaler. Of course, each calendar artist decides for himself what he likes.

A photo calendar is a perfect gift idea, especially at the end of the year. So that the present also receives the desired appreciation, the receiver should be ideally a car fan. If the best friend shares the PS passion, then he is an optimal calendar candidate.

But the calendar can also be given as a gift during the year. Many online providers give the option to start the calendar on any date you like. Thus, July can appear as the first calendar page just like January. Thus, the organizer can also be given as a gift for a birthday in spring, summer or autumn.

Calendar sayings for BMW lovers

There are some legendary quotes around the luxury cars from Bavaria. Who designs a car calendar, can use a saying or even several suitable verses. So the organizer gets more depth or wit. The following quotes are particularly popular among BMW fans: – I'm only interested in a man if he drives a BMW.- The prince from Zamunda
– "I have a BMW. But only because BMW stands for "Bob Marley and The Wailers" and not because I need an expensive car." – Bob Marley
– "Joy of driving." – BMW
– We always want to be among the first.- Eberhard von Kuenheim, Chairman of the Board BMW AG

Of course, classic car slogans can also be used. A small selection is listed below: – As a man drives a car, so he would like to be.- Anna Magnani (1910-73), actress
– You can't treat a car like a human being – a car needs love.- Walter Röhrl two-time rally world champion
– The art of driving: to be the fastest as slowly as possible.- Emerson Fittipaldi, two-time Formula 1 world champion
– You don't forget your first car in life any more than you forget your first wife.Stirling Moss, racing driver

No matter whether calendar sayings or any other text are inserted, the impeccable spelling and grammar belong to the good tone. So that an error-free car calendar succeeds, the lines are best by spell check programs such as duden.De run. Unfortunately, these correction software programs are also not perfect. Therefore an additional reader is recommended. It is best to have a friend or relative look at the calendar design in peace and quiet. It can provide helpful feedback on spelling mistakes as well as on design.

If all inconsistencies are eliminated, then the self-created vehicle calendar goes to print. The copy will be. Creation sent out as soon as possible. Normally it arrives at home after a few working days already. Then it can directly embellish the walls at home.

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