Concert review robbie mcintosh hamish stuart gordon haskell 29.06.01 star club, mülheim ruhr

Concert review robbie mcintosh hamish stuart gordon haskell 29.06.01 star club, mülheim ruhr

The music was great, even if not everything was played live. So the sound for 3 musicians who mainly only played acoustic guitars, only on a few songs Stuart changed to electric bass and Robbie to electric guitar, was just too powerful. With the McIntosh song "Cactuc Juice" one could see then the resolution, when Robbie made himself a fun of it and used the sequencer after the end of the song still some times in excerpts. All in all, however, this was certainly the only possibility to get such an extensive set on stage in an appealing way with only 3 people and without a drummer. Most of the music was played live by the band, only the basic structure came from the tape!

The show lasted one hour with a short break. After the break Robbie came on stage alone and played an instrumental song from his album "Unsung" gave alone to the best. Afterwards Hamish followed for the next song. Afterwards the 3 musicians were then complete again. The band played again for more than an hour and the absolutely enthusiastic audience managed to get the band back on stage 3 times. Also after that most people did not give rest. Skandierten still over 15 further minutes. But slowly word got around that the musicians had already mingled with the people in the pub. In so far this was then then the course of most visitors. Many of them wanted to get autographs of course. These were given by the musicians then also in plentiful number. Thereby also the possibility arose to change some sentences. So I first asked Hamish about Paul McCartney's possible tour plans at the end of this year. He said that he had heard about it, but officially he would not know anything about it. In this respect I think, if McCartney should really go on tour and this should really happen already from September, that one can probably not absolutely count on the old McCartney band. At least Hamish gave me the impression that he would love to be back on tour with Paule but who wouldn't want to? The question posed by the song "Is It Raining In London? I could not deny myself of course. This song has been on the minds of McCartney fans since the release of the video "Movin' On" in the year 1993. Hamish said that maybe for his next solo album he would re-record this song. This however in a completely different way. The 1993 recording along with McCartney should not be used in this process. Pity actually! However, in terms of sound, this song wouldn't necessarily fit on a pure Stuart album either. Afterwards Hamish was happy that I had the album "JimJam", which he and some other musicians have recorded and which has only been released in the USA and UK so far, and he asked directly how I got the album. Of course I got on this album, as well as on the tour poster still an autograph and also a common photo was snapped. Whereby I hope that the whole photos have also become what.

I had already seen Robbie McIntosh during his tour last year with the "Robbie McIntosh" CD I was allowed to get to know the band personally for a short time. Also this time he was very nice again. Fulfilled also again willingly all autograph wishes. Even a joint photo was no problem for him.

Gordon Haskell, the senior of the band, still the "funny one" during the show was a bit buttoned up after the show. So he talked for a very long time with a person at a table. He signed also some tour posters, but with such a big enthusiasm as his band colleagues the whole thing did not go by. It also turned out to be very difficult to get a photo of them together. To get an autograph I have not tried more. I had the autographs and the photos of Stuart/McIntosh and that was what I wanted that evening. Little by little the club emptied and then the musicians were no longer so surrounded. I have then one last photo of Hamish with his wife (?) made so that the film was full and then it was off home. At 03.00 o'clock in the morning I finally fell into bed. Have dreamed of an absolutely gigantic concert experience. 00 o'clock in the morning I finally fell into bed. Dreamed of an absolutely gigantic concert experience.

A little I have me now afterwards nevertheless still annoyed me not nevertheless still another MD recorder to have bought. So I had already informed myself in advance of the concert, but such a device inkl. Micro costs then nevertheless still scarcely 500, – DM and that is for a concert recording perhaps nevertheless somewhat expensively! In this respect it would be nice that a live recording of one of these concerts would be released on CD as possibly planned. I would be interested in any case in a CD…

A little pity on this evening was actually only that it was the new live CD of Hamish "Real Live" were not for sale. This was probably due to the fact that this CD has not yet been released in Germany. Thus only the official German CD's of the record company "Hypertension" were sold. Also the instrumental album "Unsung (otherwise only to order over the Internet) which was still available on the last McIntosh tour, one searched this time in vain. In the conversation with another fan I also learned that Robbie apparently has already released another album. I would have liked to ask him about it myself, but unfortunately it didn't come to that.

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