Children’s author anna sohn

Children's author Anna Sohn

"Go the way of your heart and you will get everything you dream of!"

Children's author anna sohn

Who is behind the children's book

My name is Anna Sohn and I have written my first children's book called "Mona finds the treasures of life".

I can hardly describe in words how incredibly nice it feels to hold my book in my hands and be able to put it out into the world.

In my professional position as a manager, I am responsible for the people around me, which is why I always try to educate myself in seminars, but also privately with books and through inspiring speakers, in order to develop personally and to be able to lead my team even better. Self-reflection is an important part of my job. I want to develop my full potential and help other people to find their own way – that's how I got into writing at some point.

How I came to write a children's book

I knew right away that I would feel at home here, because giving impulses for mental development is exactly what I aim to do with my book. I want to make people think and help others find their very own personal treasure in life. In times like these, which are marked by fear, uncertainty and insecurity, I think it is more important than ever to.

I want all children who read the book to find their own personal ingredients. To all adults I wish an awakening in the sense of "what is really important in life" and a lot of courage to find your own way and go it.

Children's author anna sohn
Children's author anna sohn

Who my book is for

In the beginning, it was intended as a purely children's book, but during the writing process I realized more and more clearly who I was actually writing for: The book is not only aimed at children, but rather also at adults – basically at everyone who, like myself, is still searching, who goes through life with open eyes and wants to get a different perspective on things from a child's point of view. I would like to make sense of it and offer a kind of life help for young and old alike.

Therefore, I ask you to take your time when you read the book to your children, your grandchildren, your nieces and nephews, in kindergarten or wherever else. The children will have a lot of questions – listen to them, try to answer them, and talk about the story you just read together. Accompany Mona on her way, because as Confucius said: The way is the goal.

Book reading

Your way is the only right way!

With my book "Mona finds the treasures of life" I would like to encourage you. Go the way of your heart and you will get everything you dream of!

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