Children in road traffic

Simple means for effective protection and quick cleaning at the site of operation

Many firefighters are familiar with this situation: After a more or less demanding mission, they have to return to the base and restore readiness for action. Equipment and vehicles often have to be cleaned in a time-consuming process – time that could actually have been saved in many cases. Because with a few simple equipment can be remedied. The dirt right at the site to be removed.

Children in road traffic

Imagine the following scenario: The fire department responds to a traffic accident, fortunately only a fender bender. It's raining, two cars have collided at a junction. The radiator of a vehicle leaks. The fuel line has also been torn open. After securing the scene of the accident, some of the firefighters collect car parts from the adjacent meadow, while others clean up the spilled fluids.

Fortunately, the Rosenbauer hazardous materials emergency kit is in the fire truck. The emergency tank is placed under the leaking radiator. The leaking coolant collected. The protective gloves are put on, so that one oil and fuel not on the skin and/or. Brings the personal protective equipment and distributes it on the job site and in the vehicle. A firefighter grabs the magnetic quick cover to prevent diesel or other materials from entering the sewer system. After some time, most traces of the accident are removed. The vehicles are transported away. Before moving in, we now quickly take the washing brush from the hazardous materials emergency kit and connect it to the tank with the transition piece. The boots and other equipment are cleaned from dirt and the crew can drive back to the base clean with the fire truck. The vehicle has remained clean, the boots and equipment are largely cleaned.

Another mission: the fire department is called to an incipient fire in the economic wing of a farm. On arrival at the scene, one squad immediately sets out to search for the source of the fire, while other forces are entrusted with an equally delicate task: Fertilizers are stored in the building and must be moved out of the danger zone. On the one hand, they represent a high fire load (fertilizers can be highly explosive in certain compositions), on the other hand, they can also be hazardous to health. For example, calcium cyanamide or oxidic limes can have a corrosive and irritating effect, other fertilizers react with water (even with sweat!) and can lead to skin damage, for example.

Children in road traffic
Children in road traffic

Thanks to the hazardous materials emergency kit, help is at hand quickly. Coveralls, goggles and gloves can be used to protect against direct contact, and even a respirator can be donned if needed. After the fertilizer has been removed from the danger zone and the fire has been extinguished, the protective clothing and equipment can be cleaned on the spot. With the pump sprayer the detergent is applied, by washing brush everything can be cleaned properly.

It doesn't take up much space, contains lots of practical equipment and can be used for a wide variety of purposes: Combined in two handy plastic boxes, Rosenbauer's hazardous materials emergency kit can provide valuable services not only in scenarios such as those described above, but also in many other operations. From washing hands or boots to cleaning equipment and protecting against potentially hazardous substances, the set offers a wide variety of useful applications. The restoration of the operational readiness can be started immediately at the scene of the accident, no dirt will get into the vehicles or the equipment. To the fire station, and the comrades are also protected from hazardous substances if necessary.

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Practical tip Simple means for effective protection and quick cleaning at the scene of an accident

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Children in road traffic

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