Car insurance up to 33 percent more expensive an e

Car insurance up to 33 percent more expensive an e

This can be expensive: The German Insurance Association (GDV) has issued new type classes for more than 30.000 car models published.

Berlin – The new classifications can, in extreme cases, result in a 33 percent increase in car insurance premiums provide, as calculations of the comparison portal Verivox show. (Most stolen cars in Germany: The places 5 and 8 surprise)

New type classes: Of all things, an e-car becomes significantly more expensive

16 type classes exists in the Liability insurance (from 10 to 25). The Model S from Tesla became equal by four levels to the Type class 23 Upgraded. This means that a Tesla driver for the Liability share to his car insurance 33 percent more has to pay, as the model calculation shows. On Demand from 24auto.De at GDV is the radical upgrade of the Tesla Model S the "increasing frequency of claims is responsible for this," says a spokeswoman for the association. With the fully comprehensive insurance classification there is 25 type classes (from 10 to 34). Again, the Tesla Model S from the 30 one class higher to the 31. Only the Partial cover rating (from 10 to 33) drops by one class from 28 to 27. This means that the Model S from Tesla in the insurance classes to the most expensive (!) Car models. (Automobile insurance: For 4.8 million car owners it becomes more expensive – also trick does not help)

Also the Mitsubishi Outlander 2.0 AWD Hybrid climbs by three type classes in the Fully comprehensive, two in the Partial cover and one in the liability. The Post changes with it 22 percent. In the model calculation this makes 206 euros from.

New type classes: Some models are now classified more favorably

Cheaper driving for owners of a Suzuki Jimny 1.5 four-wheel and a VW Golf VI 2.0 R TSI, The thanks to new comprehensive type classes 29 and 19 percent respectively pay less. Drivers of a BMW 640i Coupé xDrive can look forward to a decreasing contribution in liability insurance are happy. You pay in the coming year around a quarter less. (Car owner deliberately drives into flood – what to do now)

"For existing contracts apply these changes mostly to the 1. January. Motorists for whom the car premium will become more expensive as a result of the reclassification have a Special Right of Termination.", says Wolfgang contactor, managing director of Verivox insurance comparison. (Telematics tariffs: Only if these criteria apply can you really save money)

New type classes: For liability, 26 percent will be affected

Overall, the classification changes in the Type class of liability for more than a quarter of all insured. Around 6.1 million Insureds (15 percent) slide into a higher class, around 4.6 million (11 percent) come into a lower. For almost three quarters (74 percent) of those insured, nothing changes; around 30.6 million keep their previous type class. (car stolen on vacation? Here's how to proceed step by step)

New type classes: Many comprehensive insurance classifications are also changing

With the Comprehensive insurance remains more than half of those insured (53 percent) in the same class. 41 percent can benefit from a lower classification benefit, while around 6 percent move into a higher class slide. In the Partial cover it remains for 64 percent in the previous year's rating. Around every third (32 percent) slip into a more favorable class, for 4 percent goes up.

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