Car import from the eu to switzerland

The Switzerland has long been considered a high-priced country (along with income) and looking at price lists of neighboring countries makes one car import from EU countries but also from the USA particularly attractive. In addition favorable exchange rate the Swiss Franc to the Euro/Dollar can make car import even cheaper, if you catch a good time.

Price savings of up to 50% are not uncommon and many Swiss show interest in importing from the EU or USA, especially the Re-import of German cars, which bspw. From the USA can be imported again to Europe (Switzerland). Many Swiss direct importers have recognized this gap in the market and handle the import of cars of all price classes on behalf of our customers – because there are hardly any trade barriers nowadays.

Swiss import regulations

Of course local Swiss registration regulations, meaning that the imported vehicle must comply with local technical regulations in. These regulations have changed in comparison to EU countries significantly adapted over the last 20 years, which means that the approval regulations in Switzerland are largely in line with those in other EU countries. Only with older vehicles it is necessary to look more closely, however, most imports are New car.

Car import from the eu to switzerland
Car import from the eu to switzerland

Somewhat more difficult is the US import, as here certain peculiarities like headlights, speedometer or Navi-System still need to be adjusted after import. Only then can the car be registered in Switzerland. Experienced importers know about this and can show the required changes beforehand and have them carried out in the course of the import, so that the customer does not have to take care of this himself. The import car can then be registered directly.

Transport and customs

When importing from neighboring European countries into Switzerland, it is a good idea to transfer the vehicle to Switzerland yourself with day plates. Distance and time are minimal here. However, attention must be paid to the necessary papers, which is Inch must be kept ready:

– Ordinary purchase contract – invoice with or without VAT. – Vehicle registration certificate – Proof of origin – Stamped export declaration from the foreign customs office – Import declaration

Besides, with Swiss Customs duties We have to pay the automobile tax (4% of the purchase price), as well as the Swiss value added tax (8%).

Manufacturer warranty

The Manufacturer warranty remains also with the EU import to Switzerland to get a full warranty, please read our article on "Warranty on car import". If you are a Swiss and you are not afraid to compare prices abroad, and if you catch a good time with a strong Swiss franc, you can get the significant savings realize.

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