Can you drive in the bus lane?.

Overtaking, the unloved right of motorcyclistsIt is quite clearly regulated by law: Motorcyclists are explicitly allowed to loll past a stationary column and stop before the traffic light. However, that doesn't mean motorcyclists are allowed to cheat their way through everywhere. Snaking past is allowed only in the following situations:

The line is at a standstill.
There is enough space available.
You are with the motorcycle in front of an intersection, construction site, road narrowing or the like.
You do not endanger or obstruct turning vehicles.
You are only allowed to drive in front in order to be able to leave the intersection first.
It is only a stretch of a few hundred meters.

The text of the law

12 paragraph 5 of the StVO reads: "If vehicles have to be stopped in front of intersections, bottlenecks, railroad crossings and the like, the drivers of single-track vehicles arriving later may only drive up next to or between the vehicles already stopped in order to position themselves with their vehicles further ahead if there is sufficient space to drive up and the drivers of vehicles that have indicated their intention to turn in are not hindered in doing so."
This regulation has been amended with the 20. Stvo amendment for single track vehicles introduced. But be careful: when meandering past, crossing barrier lines and generally disregarding ground markings is still strictly forbidden!

This is what you have to keep in mind when meandering by

Where do you have to stop at a stop line?

Can you drive in the bus lane?.
Can you drive in the bus lane?.

It is forbidden to stand in front of the stop line, your motorcycle must always be behind the stop line. If there is not enough space between the stop line and the first car, you must get in between two cars beforehand. Here the rule is that passing with the motorcycle is allowed only if there is enough space available.

Are you allowed to ride in the bus lane?

No! The bus lane is taboo, You are not allowed to drive in the bus lane even when passing by – unless it is specially regulated otherwise on a special traffic sign.

You are allowed to cross a barrier line when passing it?

No, you are allowed Stop line neither from the one, nor from the other side driven on.

Is it allowed to weave past vehicles traveling at walking speed?

No, if the cars are moving at walking speed, passing is forbidden. On the other hand, overtaking in your own lane is of course allowed.

Where vehicles must come to a stop for you to pass?

Railroad crossings
Narrows of the road
Protective lanes
Cyclist crossings
Construction sites
Attention: If a traffic jam causes a queue to stop at a narrow road, you are allowed to drive in front of it. However, you are not allowed to pass with your motorcycle when the vehicles come to a standstill due to traffic congestion. Traffic Sign

Are you allowed to sidle past the column on a left turn lane?

Yes, driving in front in a left turn lane is allowed if the lateral distance to the cars is maintained. In principle, as long as the distance of 1.40 meters is maintained, you can drive to the left or to the right of a column. You are allowed to change sides with your motorcycle from left to right or vice versa.

May you pass vehicles on the left or right on a left turn lane?

If there is enough distance, you may pass the cars on the left side. In the straight-ahead lane, you may also pass on the right with your motorcycle. It is important that you always get in front of the stop line and never behind it!

The traffic light turns green – what to do?

When the traffic light turns green and the line starts moving, you have to adjust your speed to the speed of the moving cars and get into the right lane.

Tips for passing in practice

It is often not so easy – when is it allowed to pass with a motorcycle, when not?? And what does this look like in practice?

First commandment: you must be ready to brake at all times when lurching past on your motorcycle. Because you can never rule out the possibility of a pedestrian appearing between the stationary cars and crossing the street.
It is also particularly important that there is sufficient distance between vehicles. In this regard: The more distance, the safer it is. Because it can happen at any time that a driver opens the door or suddenly swerves to the left.
Be especially careful in the spring! Because after the long winter break you have to get used to your motorcycle again. Be therefore particularly concentrated!

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