Burning an mp3 cd

The normal music CD is limited to a playing length of 74 minutes. That's why not many pieces fit on one disc. An MP3 CD can hold considerably more music. Providing hours of music. This is how you make them…

The audio CD format is a standard. Any software player and any standard CD player can play them. But more and more CD players are conquering the market that can play MP3 CDs as well. Now, of course, users wonder how to burn an MP3 CD. Since it is not a special format at all, but just a normal data CD, it is quite simple. You don't need anything more than a blank CD, MP3 files and a burning program.

Burn MP3 CD with freeware
Step-by-step guide
We use for burning a MP3-CD the freeware CDBurnerXP. Our video introduces you to the program in more detail:

CD players that can play MP3 CDs often have problems with the M4A format, which you can get as music files from iTunes. To be able to play these songs, you have to convert them from M4A to MP3.

MP3 CD burning – step by step

1. First you start the program CDBurnerXP and selects in the start menu the option "Data compilation".
2. Now you drag the different complete folders or single Songs simply with the mouse into the large field right down in the program screen. At the bottom of the status bar you can see the amount of data you have already added and how much space remains.
3. Now click in the middle horizontal menu bar on the "Burn" icon. Thereupon your file compilation is burned as MP3-CD.
The files to be burned one simply pulls into the file area – also whole folder structures. How much space the compilation consumes is shown by a green bar at the very bottom. Afterwards one clicks still on "Burning. Soon you can hold your first MP3-CD in your hand. The big advantage over special formats, is that this compilation can also be opened on any computer.

If you need to get MP3 files from your CDs first – this is how to do it:

Burning an mp3 cd

Burning an mp3 cd

Burn MP3 to CD quickly and easily with freeware

If you don't have a burning program on your computer yet, you should have a look at the freeware CDBurnerXP. The program is suitable for all common burning tasks, such as audio and data compilations, but also DVDs or burning ISO files. The pleasant interface is completely Germanized and intuitively usable. And the tool can of course burn MP3 CDs. But you can also turn your MP3 files into normal music CDs that will work in any player.

Burning an mp3 cd

There is no "special format MP3-CD. MP3 CDs are just normal data discs. You can burn the files as a normal data compilation. Including the subdivision into directories.

So if you have your collection on your hard drive and want to listen to the tracks you bought online in your car, you don't need to burn a music CD. You can simply shovel the data onto a CD and only have to be considerate of the maximum CD capacity of about 700 MB take. Assuming that the average piece of music has a size of about 5 MB, you already get 140 tracks on the CD. That is many, many hours of music.

Some MP3-capable car radios have problems with self-burned MP3 CDs. This often has to do with the directory structure or the length of the file. To do the characters of the file names. We have gathered solutions to this problem for you, which also occurs with MP3 USB sticks.

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