Administration ignores political resolutions to the bicycle traffic guidancepolitics in the vacation sleep.

As early as December 2015, the planning committee passed a resolution with submission 929.IX from 01.12.2015 u.A. The bicycle traffic guidance on the Burggrafenstraße-Markgrafenstraße decided. The ADFC-Mönchengladbach welcomed afterwards and also later again and again the fact that for the first time on an important through road in Mönchengladbach a bicycle traffic friendly solution with parking spaces for cyclists is developed.

According to current information, the ADFC now found out that contrary to the planning at that time, the junction Burggrafenstraße/Hehner Straße was designed/marked completely different – namely with indirect turning/waiting areas, induction loops and bicycle traffic lights.

On its inquiry the ADFC we received from the administration lt. FB66 the following information:

"A re-examination of the design after the 2015 resolution determined that due to the anticipated increased volume of heavy traffic on Burggrafen Street (part of the truck route concept), a direct left turn for the bicyclist at times when traffic is flowing (LSA on green) is not possible without hazard. The cyclist would have to change from the right to the left side of the lane in a quite high traffic volume with an above-average share of trucks. With stationary traffic (traffic lights on red), it would not be possible to drive through on the protective lane to the traffic lights due to the narrow lane width and the increased heavy traffic, as it is assumed that trucks would also use the protective lane. Under these aspects thus for the increase of the traffic security and above all the security of the cyclists it was decided to introduce an indirect guidance of the left-turning cyclists.

The ADFC finds it incomprehensible that plans are changed without consultation with the participants – and probably also without feedback to the decision-making political bodies. The argumentation of the administration for the safety of cyclists is doubtful, because exactly for this purpose parking areas are installed in front of the motor vehicle traffic. Bicyclists are seen there. Can approach without danger. Besides, it is signaled to the motor vehicle traffic that this municipality gives priority to bicycle traffic. The justification of the administration with the "truck route concept" distracts from the facts in the opinion of ADFC, because numerous traffic junctions of this kind have long since been created in Mönchengladbach away from any truck route.

Administration ignores political resolutions to the bicycle traffic guidancepolitics in the vacation sleep.
Administration ignores political resolutions to the bicycle traffic guidancepolitics in the vacation sleep.

This implementation cements a car priority policy, slows down cyclists, and is also expensive, error-prone, and incomprehensible to the vast majority of citizens. The experience with this intersection design is that the waiting areas are absolutely not used, instead bicyclists either simply turn directly left or use the "old way" of the pedestrian traffic signal. In addition, the waiting areas are too small for increasing bicycle traffic – unless the responsible parties set up an access regulation "one cyclist at green". Since 2015, the ADFC has repeatedly pointed out this undesirable and nonsensical bicycle guidance to the administration in writing and in numerous conversations.

It is also astonishing, all parties in Mönchengladbach don't seem to mind that their own resolutions are disregarded in such a way. Can it be, all protagonists are on vacation and let administration implement own ideas without political control according to arbitrariness?

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