A look towards the future

A look towards the future

Everything is in motionIn the Gruga Halle in Essen, Germany, the all about automation, a trade fair for industrial automation, is taking place. We are in the process and looking for fresh ideas for new projects. If you think that there are only controls and boring brochures and sales talk, you are wrong. After the first few meters, it becomes clear that visitors are in for quite a treat. At almost every booth there is movement, from small highly specialized machines to complex combinations there is much to admire here. We are here as laymen, but guests do not need a sound knowledge. The stands have show character. Are stages for equipment from a wide variety of fields.

Toys (only) for adults?

At the booth of Fischer Technik a question came up directly, "don't they actually make toys?"? And indeed there is a small programmable production line on site. Of particular interest, Fischer Technik also offers a 3D printer for the home.

A helping hand or rather a whole arm

One of the most exciting stands offers a robot arm that anyone can learn to program within 15 minutes. For just under 6.000 € is an expensive pleasure, but playing with the robot is always fun. Various. The arm is in any case a real eye-catcher. Programming is easy. The arm is in any case a real eye-catcher. Programming is easy. Attachments enable use for a wide variety of activities. From our point of view such a robot offers a great potential to connect young people with this technology and to ignite their enthusiasm playfully.

The variety of automation

Many more booths would have deserved to be presented in a video. The overlaps are very small. This with almost 150 exhibitors. Automation is just in more and more areas. There are a lot of specialists to discover. Classic industrial automation, robots, controllers, cables and connectors is of course also occurred. But also automated lighting systems, clutches, lasers, barrier systems and much more… Can be found here. From the small specialist to the European market leader exhibitors are colorfully mixed. In this way, very different customers are addressed. There's something new to discover at every booth.

Entertainment instead of brochures and sales pitches

How to introduce clutches excitingly? A beautifully designed brochure presents boring different models. But if you use the right app, the clutches come to life and can be viewed in detail. A swipe reveals the structure and how it works. Exciting how a supposedly boring product attracts attention like this. And this is not an exceptional case, the visit to the fair is very entertaining, because we are well entertained and there is much to see and experience. A visit to the fair is worthwhile, even for laymen. Because the exhibitors take great pains to present their products in a comprehensible and exciting way.

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