16. Mrt in gieboldehausen

For the first time the "Motorcycle Travel Meeting instead of. I have heard and read about it many times before. And this year I (together with Markus) will finally be there :-)

Date is the weekend of 24. To 26. August. "Gieboldehausen" is the name of the place where the meeting takes place, and a look at the map shows that this actually quite sleepy nest in the Harz is located near Goslar.

16. Mrt in gieboldehausen

You can register for the meeting via the link www.Motorcycle-travel-meeting.De. You will not receive an extra confirmation of registration. But you can print out the page, which is displayed after submitting the form. Almost two weeks before the meeting comes an e-mail with the various events that will be held there. Thus also the anticipation rises.

On Friday, 24.08.12 is it so far: It is unfortunately nearly 14:00 o'clock, until Markus and I can finally start. And so we don't stay long at all, but drive mostly on the highway towards the east. In the early evening we reach Gieboldehausen. The place of the meeting is found fast, the registration formality without dismounting is done in no time, and so we build up our tent already short time later. It is already very full, but we are still not the last to arrive.

16. Mrt in gieboldehausen

Then we go out to look at mopeds. According to the organizer there are about 430 people here, almost all self-drivers. So there is a lot to see. BMW of course, but also Transalp, Africa Twin, Tiger, Tenere… Many have partly original Um- resp. Attachments, and so we stroll through the rows of motorcycles, and have a lot to look at. The one or other conversation results thereby also. Then unfortunately the big rain comes. We "save us under the roof of the catering tent, so as many others also. Fortunately the showers are heavy, but not too long, and soon we can manage without a roof over our heads again. Something to eat, a beer – not long, then at least Markus and I finish for today.

16. Mrt in gieboldehausen

Saturday morning after the breakfast we make ourselves on in the large meeting area of the hotel "Niedersachsenhof" lain next door. During the day different journeys will be presented. Not everyone does it like we do: Some use the day also for a common trip. In front of the hotel some dealers have positioned themselves with their stands. So one finds there among other things the company "Touratech" (Kaßel branch) as well as delegations from "Enduristan" and "Rukka as well as the magazine "Motorrad& Adventure". Here we rummage a little, until against eleven o'clock finally the hall of the hotel is opened. We follow the big pack, which is now storming the room closed, and will be entertained in the next hours in the best way. There will be photo and film presentations about Morocco, southern Norway, a tour to Ladakh and a winter trip to Alaska. In addition, three prizes will be awarded again for projects that various people want to carry out and that a jury (consisting of sponsors of this meeting) considers worthy of support. Anyone can apply for these prizes. Let's see, maybe we will participate next year :-)

In between there is an extensive lunch break, in which again on the best for the physical well-being is ensured. In addition, video greetings will be played in between by people who have received the sponsorship award in recent years and have used it to realize their project, and who are now traveling somewhere on the road.

In the evening there will be delicious food from the grill and a beer, before (as in previous years) the band will play "All-in-one" the people here strongly heated up. First completely as a band, later at the campfire only with acoustic guitars. So for some it will be a really long night.

16. Mrt in gieboldehausen

Sunday morning then breakfast, and at the same time one or the other small talk. Then it's time to take down the tent, pack your things, load your motorcycle and head back home. This time of course with extensive swerves and curves.

The idea of this meeting is really great, and also the implementation is well done. No wonder, after all the organizers have already 16 years of experience.

The only thing I didn't like at all was the almost non-existent sanitary facilities. A toilet house with two toilets and three pee pots for men, as well as three toilets for women, both equipped with a mini wash basin each. And "outdoor plus a hose with two cold water connections. That's about it for 430 people. I can be satisfied with something like this when traveling in the jungle, or in deepest Africa. But for the middle of Germany I personally think that is clearly too little. There should be more possible in any case!

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