Which workshop can it be?.

Which workshop may it be?

Choice of repair shop after an accident: Sometimes the insurance company has a say in the matter

Which workshop can it be?.

The choice of workshop after an accident is up to you, if you are not to blame yourself. PHOTO:MONKEY BUSINESS – STOCK.ADOBE.COM

It can happen quickly: Rear-end collisions are particularly common in parking lots, at the end of traffic jams or in heavy city traffic. If no one was injured, the relief is great at first, but the vehicle has suffered greatly from the rear-end collision. If the question of guilt has been clarified, you naturally want your car to look and drive as quickly as possible as it did before the accident. However, in order to do this, the repair must first be carried out in a specialist workshop.

The injured party of an accident has in principle the right to look freely for a workshop for the repair of the damage to his car, if the accident is not self-inflicted. The opposing party's liability insurance must then pay for the repair costs. Picking up the bill for repairing the damage. The choice of workshop after an accident for which you are not to blame is therefore up to you.

However, the situation is different if, for example, you are partly to blame or if your partial or fully comprehensive insurance has to cover the cost of repairs.

Free choice of workshop or workshop obligation?

If you take out car insurance, you can choose between a fixed repair shop and a free choice of repair shop for your car. If the partial or fully comprehensive insurance then has to pay for damage that you caused yourself, the corresponding agreement applies. If you have concluded a contract with your car insurance company that includes a repair shop, you must have your car repaired at the repair shop specified in the contract. If one does not keep to this agreement, it can be that one must pay a part of the repair costs itself. As a rule, these are the differential costs to the partner workshop of the insurance company, as this usually offers far more favorable prices through cooperation with the insurance company.

Advantages and disadvantages of the workshop contract

Anyone who has not agreed to a free choice of repair shop after an accident in their insurance policy, but instead has a fixed repair shop, has both advantages and disadvantages. One advantage is the lower premiums that have to be paid by the policyholder. In addition, the settlement after an accident can take place quickly, since there is no need to search for a specialist workshop.

"The disadvantage is especially the lack of flexibility: primarily in rural areas, a partner workshop of the insurance company can often be far away from the place of residence. In cities this is usually a less common problem. In addition, you cannot fall back on a brand workshop, since an insurance company often cooperates with independent workshops," writes the consumer portal www.Catalog of fines.Org.

What garages are there?

When looking for a garage, you will find out relatively quickly that there are numerous types of car repair shops. Thus there are contract workshops, free car workshops or also workshop chains.

Authorized repair shops specialize in certain car brands. If you bought your car from a dealer, you usually have to go to an authorized repair shop to avoid losing the warranty. When the warranty expires, you can take your car to any garage and have it repaired. Independent garages work openly and independently of type. Here will repair vehicles of all brands. Workshop chains are usually cheaper than independent car workshops or contract workshops. Workshop chains work, as well as independent car workshops, open type, so that any vehicle can be brought for repair.

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