Which costs are covered by the traffic legal protection insurance.

Which costs are covered by the traffic legal protection insurance.

Which costs are covered by the traffic legal protection insurance?Updated on 10.05.2022 15:06 by Melanie Vahland

In Germany, the state makes an enormous turnover from the revenue generated by road traffic. Many people are often too fast on the road with the car and are flashed, parked incorrectly or afford other traffic offenses.

Definition Example Who is co-insured? In order to counteract possible false measurements or false assessments by the police or the public order office, one can take out legal protection insurance. This article is especially dedicated to the Traffic legal protection insurance.

What is a traffic law insurance?

A traffic legal protection insurance is a legal protection insurance specifically geared to traffic law.

For example, the following falls under traffic law:

– Fine proceedings – misdemeanor proceedings – problems as a passenger with public transportation (bus, train etc.) – in case of traffic accidents

If one incurs costs for lawyers, courts or experts here, this insurance takes over the incurred costs.

– Fines incurred for parking or driving too fast count due to personal negligence not in addition. This one has to carry, if one the guilt was proven, always itself. Traffic legal protection insurance, however, still covers the other fees for defending such offences.

What can this insurance be taken out for?

A good example is a traffic accident. If you are involved in an accident and have suffered damage to your vehicle (property damage) or physical damage (personal injury), you can consult a lawyer you trust.

This then handles the accident damage and can also claim compensation for pain and suffering from the opposing motor vehicle liability insurance at the same time. If it comes to a legal dispute in court, the traffic legal protection insurance also covers the court and lawyer costs incurred for the process.

Further the following is covered in terms of costs:

– Driving license revocation due to excessive speed or violation of the Narcotics Act (BTM) – Vehicle purchase (z. B. If one has unknowingly purchased an accident car) – tax matters before fiscal courts (vehicle tax)

Who is covered?

The following can be covered:

1. The policyholder himself 2. Spouses 3. Children living in the household 4. A cohabitant (unmarried) who lives with you in the household

At the conclusion of the insurance one should ask this at best always.

In general, also for the traffic legal protection insurance – as for all insurances – a certain insurance period has to be proven and also all premiums have to be paid to the insurance company.

Who should take out a traffic legal protection insurance?

Everybody who drives a car on the road every day should take out such an insurance. Pensioners or other people who do not drive a car, for example, do not necessarily need it and should not complete it.

Costs for experts, lawyers and courts are so high in most cases that every motorist should consider taking out traffic legal protection insurance.

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