What to do in case of breakdowns with the rental car.

A rental car offers the freedom to move around independently of public transport when on vacation. In addition, you also have the opportunity to drive a special car for a special occasion and rent a Porsche, for example. We, mach2cars GmbH, provide you with a range of first class cars for car rental in Stuttgart, be it for a wedding or a weekend getaway. Of course we want you to enjoy this time carefree and therefore clarify here the most important questions around breakdowns at the rental car.

What to do in case of breakdowns with the rental car.

What mishaps can happen?

Even with a car rental you are not protected from breakdowns on the road. But if it's not your own car, the terror is often even greater, especially if you're traveling in a foreign city. The most common breakdowns are:

– Flat tire – Accidents involving game or persons – Damage caused by third parties

In addition, of course, other breakdowns can occur, even if you have a well-maintained car, of course, a lower risk have you break down. At the same time, a foreign car is always a change and if you rent a sports car, the power may well surprise you. Therefore, regardless of which car you drive, we recommend that you, Drive prudently and to get used to the new vehicle. At least you can prevent accidents.

Safety in case of a breakdown

Regardless of the type of breakdown, safety comes first. It is essential that you do not put yourself in danger and a Always secure the accident site. Priority is also given to the care of injured persons. Do not hesitate Police to call, so that they can record the accident if necessary. This safeguards you afterwards and prevents you from suddenly being confronted with accusations. The same applies, of course, if you have caused property damage, this can happen, for example, in the case of parking damage. Again, do not just drive away. Additionally document the damage with pictures.

What to do in case of damage to the vehicle?

If you rent a car, the shock of damage is of course great. It is important that you Car rental in any case inform, This also applies if the damage is only minor. Bring the vehicle also do not simply go to the nearest garage. Repairs must always be arranged with the car rental company beforehand. The latter must agree and can, for example, insist that the vehicle is repaired in a workshop of his choice.

Caution is better than indulgence

Always check the rental car for damage when you pick it up and report it to the rental company before you drive off. In the event that you do have a breakdown, we recommend that you always call the Number of the car rental, of a towing service and the emergency number to be carried along. So you're prepared in case of an emergency and always know immediately who to turn to.

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