‘What is the future worth to us.

'What is the future worth to us.

PublicationsList of publications by Prof. Dr. Siegfried Balleis

"SMART CITY AND CLIMATE PROTECTION", in: Political Studies of the Hanns-Seidel-Foundation, Nr. 501, 2022
"When it comes to future technologies, the coalition agreement disappoints," December 2021
"Opportunities for municipal development cooperation," in: Bayerische Gemeindezeitung, 18. March 2021
– "Kommunale Wirtschaftsförderung", in: Rainer Beutel, Johannes Winkel, Uwe Zimmermann (editors), "Handbuch Berufsbild Bürgermeister – was Bürgermeisterinnen und Bürgermeisterinnen mitbringen sollen in ihr Amt", Wiesbaden 2021
– "A library for citizens", in: 100 years of the city library of Erlangen 1921-2021, Cadolzburg 2021
"Cycling! – everyone can make a contribution to the fight against climate change at almost any time", in: The Bavarian Mayor: "Bicycle-friendly municipalities are gaining momentum", 7/8 2021
German Medical Valley, in: Akos Balazs, Nitin Aggarwal, Michael Fischer, Gurmeet Naroola: One and One equals Eleven – The Power of Silicon Valley and German Collaboration, 2021
"Sowing enthusiasm – reaping development policy commitment," in Service Agency Communities in One World, Bonn, 2021
Development Cooperation – The Importance of Municipalities", in: Der Bayerische Bürgermeister, No. 4/2021
Europe needs data sovereignty – What the Gaia-X project brings, in: Bayerische Staatszeitung no. 8, 2021, from 26. February 2021
"The Gaia-X Project – Europe Needs Data Sovereignty," in: Political Studies of the Hanns Seidel Foundation, no. 495, 72. Volume, January – February 2021
"Hydrogen – The key to decarbonizing our economy", in: Markus Ferber/Henning Kaul (editors): Bekenntnisse zur Verantwortung für die Umwelt, Reinbek 2021
"Automotive technology in Bavaria, e-car + hydrogen, Munich 2020/2021
– Laudation on the occasion of the 80th birthday. Birthday of Prof. Em. Dr. Rudolf Endres – commemorative publication on the occasion of his death on 6. May 2016: speeches, addresses, pictures on the occasion of 80. Birthday of Prof. Em. Dr. Rudolf Endres on 11. January 2016 in the Orangerie Erlangen, Ilmenau 2020
Faster than conventional computers, in: Bayerische Staatszeitung no. 49, 2020, from 4. December 2020
The race for the mastermind is on, in: Bayerische Staatszeitung no. 49, 2020, from 4. December 2020
– "This stinks big time – traffic turnaround: yes please! Strategies of the German government against traffic-related air pollution" in: Monika Franz/Gero Kellermann: Zukunft vor Ort. Kommunalpolitik in Bayern, Bavarian State Center for Political Education, Munich 2020
"The mastermind – the race is on: The battle for the quantum computer," in Political Studies of the Hanns Seidel Foundation Number 492, 71. Volume, July to August 2020
"The valley of the billionaires – Silicon Valley is the think tank of the world, but it does not meet the criteria of a stable political system with social balance – Bavaria has done better", in: Straubinger Tagblatt, Magazin zum Wochenende, of 18. April 2020
– "Environmental topic: clean air! – Hugo asked", in: Hugo Stadtkultur, issue no. 3, 2020
"The unicorns become more – what makes companies tick that are already worth more than a billion US dollars before an IPO – the Corona vaccine developer that Trump wants is also among them", in: Bayerische Staatszeitung number 12 of 20. March 2020
– "Hydrogen – link between energy transition and transport transition", in: Etezadzadeh, Chirine (ed.), Smart City – made in Germany, Die Smart-City-Bewegung als Treiber einer gesellschaftlichen Transformation, Wiesbaden 2020
– "The diesel debate as a trigger for the transport revolution," in Etezadzadeh, Chirine (ed.), Smart City – made in Germany, The smart city movement as a driver of social transformation, Wiesbaden 2020
"The future fuels hydrogen – in the debate about the mobility revolution, hydrogen as an energy source does not yet play a major role. But fuel cell vehicles can make an important contribution to making transport more climate-friendly," in: Bayernkurier, issue 8/9 2019
"Man and machine – it steers cars, controls power grids and recognizes languages and faces – artificial intelligence has long since permeated all areas of life. Using it responsibly is one of the key tasks for the future, in: Bayernkurier, issue 4, 2019
"Hydrogen – Energy of the Future – Redesigning Mobility," in: Political Studies 485, bimonthly publication of the Hanns Seidel Seidel Foundation, 70. Volume, May-June 2019
– "Major construction site for clean air," Fränkischer Tag of 14. February 2019
"The importance of municipalities for development cooperation," in: Bayerischer Gemeindetag – die Zeitschrift des bayerischen Gemeindetags, 2/2019
– "Artificial intelligence – a curse or a blessing for mankind?", in: Souverän 1/2019, newspaper of the Seniors' Union of the CDU
– "A theater in the heart of the city society II", The former mayor Siegfried Balleis in an e-mail interview, in: Karoline Felsmann and Susanne Ziegler (Herausgeberrinnen): 300 Jahre Theater Erlangen – vom hochfürstlichen Opern – und Komödienhaus zum Stadttheater der Zukunft, Erlangen 2019
– "Partners from the field – Bavarian cities and municipalities provide valuable assistance in developing countries, helping to combat the causes of flight," in: Bayernkurier, issue 9, 2018
"Artificial Intelligence – Curse or Blessing for Humanity?", in: Political Studies 482, bimonthly journal of the Hanns Seidel Foundation, 69. Volume November to December 2018
– "Local partners for global action – 14. Bundeskonferenz der kommunalen Entwicklungspolitik", in: Bayerische Gemeindezeitung of 21. June 2018
– "The diesel debate is moving us forward – the discussion about clean air in road traffic has massively accelerated the process of change toward low-emission mobility," in: Bayernkurier, Issue 5, 2018
"Verkehrswende ja bitte – das stinkt gewaltig", in: Political Studies 479, bimonthly publication of the Hanns Seidel Foundation, 69. Year, May to June 2018
"We want to help cities avoid driving bans," in: Bayerische Staatszeitung no. 19 from 11. May 2018
"We have to get away from seeing the car as a prestige symbol," interview with Carl-Friedrich Höck, in DEMO, Vorwärts Kommunal, The Social Democratic Magazine for Local Politics, February 2018
"Fighting the Causes of Flight and More Sustainable Development – Municipal Ways of German Development Policy," in: Political Studies 476, bimonthly journal of Hanns Seidel Foundation, 68. Volume, November to December 2017
"All the best for the 100th birthday. Birthday, dear Unibund", in: Alexander – News from the Friedrich Alexander University, July 2017
"What is the future worth to us?? – Without innovations there is no growth. But there is still a great need for action in Germany, especially when it comes to financing young start-up companies", in: Bayernkurier, issue 5, 2017
– "Who dares, wins – what is the future worth to us??, In: Political Studies 472, bimonthly journal of the Hanns Seidel Foundation, 68. Volume, March-April 2017
"Consequencias de la urbanisation descontrolada," in: dialogo politico, febrero 21, 2017
– "The consequences of unchecked urbanization – Mayors and scientists discuss at two international conferences," in: Bayerische Staatszeitung, no. 48 of 2. December 2016
– "Hands off the wheel – autonomous driving will revolutionize the car industry," in: Bayernkurier, Das Magazin für Orientierung, issue 9/2016
"A 'revolution from above' – the energy turnaround after Fukushima," in Political Studies 468, bimonthly publication of the Hanns Seidel Foundation, 67. Volume, July-August 2016
"The car of the future – automated driving," in: Political Studies 467, bimonthly journal of the Hanns Seidel Foundation, 67. Volume, May to July 2016
Together with Thorsten Winkelmann: "Current challenges for cities and municipalities", in: GWP, Society – Economy – Politics, Social Sciences for Political Education, 64. Volume, 3/2015
– Balleis, Siegfried and Röhlinger, Peter: "From a bold utopia to an award-winning reality – on the partnership between Erlangen and Jena", in: Müntefering, Franz: 25 Jahre Deutsche Einheit: deutsch-deutsche Städtepartnerschaften – ein Erfolgsmodell in Europa? Halle (Saale) 2015
"Power-to-gas – How we can efficiently convert surplus electricity into natural gas and store it", in: 3e, Magazine for Energy Management in Trade and Industry of Erdgas Schwaben GmbH, 2/2015
"Let the data run, not the citizens: e-government," in: Political Studies Number 458, bimonthly publication of Hanns Seidel Foundation 65. Year, November to December 2014
"In the beginning there was a vision, focus instead of decathlon: How Erlangen became the federal capital of medicine", Hugo Stadtkultur issue 8/9, 2014
"Learning from the Margrave", in: Wilkes, Johannes and Wilkes, Sophia: "City Talks from Erlangen", Messkirch 2014
"A multi-layered friendship, A personal greeting on the retirement of Thomas A. H. Schöck, in: FAU, The Schöck Era, Erlangen 2014
Administrative Modernization City of Erlangen, Erlangen 2013
"Home of the creative – OECD study praises European metropolitan region of Nuremberg", in: the Peutinger, no. 6, 2013
"The innovation ring of Bavarian cities – are you still managing or are you already controlling?", in: Political Studies no. 448, 64. Volume, March/April 2013
"Soon more money for Upper Franconia? – The European metropolitan region of Nuremberg has a new council chairman," in Franconia: Magazine for the country and its people, January/February 2012
"Retail, shopping centers and the purchasing power of the people of Erlangen", in: German Council Magazine, special edition, Ludwigsburg 2012
"City and country – hand in hand, the European metropolitan region of Nuremberg," in: Political Studies, Number 445, bimonthly publication of the Hanns Seidel Foundation, 63. Volume, September to October 2012
"Local political decision-making, The renaissance of local self-government", in: Political Studies, Number 436, bimonthly journal for politics and current affairs of the Hanns Seidel Foundation, 62. Vintage, March to April 2011
"Where is the development in local government going??", in: Innovative Verwaltung, Das Fachmedium für erfolgreiches Verwaltungsmanagement, 7 to 8/2011
"Citizen proximity in the virtual city hall – the dichotomy between transparency and data protection", in: Der Bayerische Bürgermeister, Zeitschrift für kommunale Selbstverwaltung, 64. Volume, 11/2011
"Thinking with the Citizen's Head – Experiences of a Lord Mayor in the World of Social Media," in vhw S4/July to September 2011
"Of fascinatingly bold sweep, unmistakable and right in the center of Erlangen," in Erlangen Arcaden, Entstehung – Ergebnis – Effekte, Erlangen 2011
Together with Anne Grimmer and Christian Teichmann: "In alter und neuer Schönheit erstrahlt… – Das Bürgerpalais Stutterheim – ein barockes Juwel für die Stadtbibliothek Erlangen", in: Petra Hauke und Klaus Ulrich Werner (Herausgeber): Bibliotheken bauen im Bestand, Bad Honnef 2011
"Federal capital of medical research – healthcare secures every fourth job in Erlangen," in: Bayerischer Monatsspiegel, Issue 156, August 2010
– "We don't do good deeds – the working group of the Franconian mayors takes care of everything that is on the minds of the large Franconian cities", in: Franken – Magazin für Land und Leute, November/December 2009
– "Erlangen – a city for explorers," in: The Bavarian Mayor, Issue 4, 2009
– "Erlangen on the road to energy efficiency", in: der Städtetag, 4/2009
Tribute Jakob Herz on the occasion of the award of the Jakob Herz Prize to Professor Robert A. Vineyard on the 7. February 2009, FAU, medical faculty
– "Where inventiveness and creativity are at home – not only the MP3 format was invented in Erlangen", in: WirtschaftsKurier, December 2008
– "Dynamic development – also in construction activity" in: Bauen und Wirtschaft – Architektur der Region im Spiegel, Franken 2008, 15. Vintage
"Welcome to Erlangen", in: Think Global, act Local, The Franconian International School 1998 to 2008, Festschrift, presented at the dedication of the new school building in the Röthelheimpark, on September 24, 2008
frankenmagazin (publisher): "City partners and soul mates", Franconia July/August 2008 issue
"Erlangen – Raum für innovative Ideen, Erlangen – Room for innovative ideas", in: Business Location Metropolitan Region Nuremberg, Europäischer Wirtschafts Verlag, Darmstadt 2007
"Die Kommune als Moderator und Koordinator gesellschaftlicher Verantwortungsübernahme" together with Jolana Hill in: politische Studien, Themenheft 2/2007, Zweimonatschrift für Politik und Zeitgeschehen der Hanns-Seidel-Stiftung
– Reports and memories", Erlangen 2007
– Mayor and Press Office of the City of Erlangen (ed.): "The Life of Ours – 20 Years of Town Twinning Erlangen – Jena in Documents"
"Cooperation between Business, Science and Politics – the Erlangen Triad", in: Technical Faculty of the Friedrich-Alexander University Erlangen Nuremberg, Festschrift on the Occasion of the Award of the Helmut Volz Medal, Erlangen 2006
Together with Peter Gertenbach and Ute Klier: "Die Presse- und Öffentlichkeitsarbeit der Stadt Erlangen", in: Heinz Bührer, Wolfgang Eichhorn, Karl Pauler (editors), Medien, Politik, Kommunikation, Festschrift für Heinz-Werner Stuiber, Munich 2006
"European Metropolitan Region Nuremberg", in: Petra Zimmermann-Steinhart (editor), Regional Ways in Europe, Federalism – Devolution – Decentralization, publication series of the Central Institute for Regional Research of the Friedrich-Alexander University Erlangen-Nuremberg, vol. 2, Munich 2006
"Erlangen – Capital of Medical Technology", in: Nuremberg Metropolitan Region, Monographs of German Economic Areas, published in cooperation with the Nuremberg Chamber of Industry and Commerce for Middle Franconia, Oldenburg 2006
"From a vision to reality – the Development of the Town 1995 – 2005", in: Erlangen between the Centuries, Erlangen 2006
– "No option besides the option", Hartz IV – Die Bilanz, KOPO, Kommunalpolitische Blätter 8/2005
"No strong cities without a strong economy" in: Deutscher Städtetag: 100 Jahre Deutscher Städtetag, Die Zukunft liegt in den Städten, Baden-Baden, 2005
"Municipal promotion and recognition of honorary commitment – the Aktivcard of the city of Erlangen in: Alois Glück, Holger Magel and Thomas Röcke (editors): New Networks of Civic Engagement; Strengthening Families through Volunteer Initiatives, Heidelberg/Munich/Berlin 2004
"Medical City of Erlangen – A Vision as Opportunity and Challenge", in: Erlanger Stadtlexikon, Nuremberg 2002
"Examples of Health Promotion in the Municipality" in: Siegfried Höfling and Otto Giesecke (editors): Gesundheitsoffensive Prävention, Health promotion and prevention as an indispensable building block of efficient health policy, special edition of political studies, Munich 2001
– "House for the Future: Erlangen 2030" in: Diskurs Kommunal: Wissen schaffen Zukunft gestalten – Stellungnahmen aus Politik, Wissenschaft, Wirtschaft, Verwaltung und Verbänden, 30 Jahre Kommunalpolitik der Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung, Wesseling 2001
"Example Erlangen: Together for Health Care", in: Alois Glück and Holger Magel (editors) Neue Wege in der Kommunalpolitik – Durch eine neue Bürger- und Sozialkultur zur aktiven Bürgergesellschaft, Munich 2000
"Public Private Partnership" at the municipal level, in: Ulrich Teichmann, Jörg Wolff: Quality as a Response, Volume 6 of the series of publications of the Lübeck Congress Days of the Housing Industry, Berlin 2000
– Doris Aschmann, Siegfried Balleis and Cornelia Höschele-Frank: "Praxisbeispiel Stadt Erlangen: Querschnittsaufgabe Gleichstellung im Verwaltungsprozess" in: Gertraude Krell (ed.): Equal opportunities through personnel policy, equality of women and men in companies and administrations, legal regulations; problem solutions; solutions, 2. 2nd edition, Wiesbaden 1998
– Foreword in: Kienle, Thomas; Waldmüller, Bernd: Strukturelle Entwicklungen im Raum Mittelfranken; "Regionalökonomie zwischen Theorie und Empirie", Beiträge zur wirtschaftswissenschaftlichen Forschung no. 7, Nuremberg 1996
– High-Tech. And Compatible – Science, Research, Innovation Centers in Middle Franconia, in: Mittelfranken Journal, regional magazine issue 1995/1996
– "Innovation and technology: Erlangen mainstay for the future" in: Nordbayerischer Wirtschaftsspiegel, no. 9, September 1994
Together with Plötz, Gerd: "Der gemeinsame Gewerbepark – Ein Beispiel vorbildlicher interkommunaler Zusammenarbeit der Städte Nürnberg, Fürth und Erlangen in: Das neue Erlangen, magazine for science, economy and cultural life, issue 90, June/July 1993
– Foreword in Horbach, Jens ; Waltes, Frank:Resonance analysis; an instrument for the investigation of smaller spatial units: Effects of the European internal market on the city of Erlangen "Contributions to economic research" no. 3, Nuremberg 1991
Northern Bavaria's Technopoles – Hightech in Tennenlohe, in: the new Erlangen 1991
"Disconnecting – What then? ?" In: Gerhard Alt, Dr. Andreas Wrobel – Leipold (ed.):Poverty in the south by prosperity in the north?

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