Washing your car at home what is allowed

In spring and summer, fresh pollen often settles on the roof, windows and hood of the car. The sticky layer is sometimes not so easy to remove. Bird droppings can also cause lasting damage to the paintwork. How can car owners clean their vehicle from dirt? And what must be considered when washing the car at home?

Washing your car at home what is allowed

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Can I wash my car at home?

There is no nationwide ban prohibiting home car washing. However, there are local ordinances that penalize private car washing on your own property, in your driveway, or in a public parking lot, sometimes with a fine. Even spraying with water is already prohibited in some places. The reason for this is water protection regulations. Especially in water protection areas, private car washing on the driveway is prohibited.

Depending on the federal state, fines of up to 50 euros are imposed for "introducing toxic or water-polluting substances into the groundwater".000 Euro due. However, such penalties are more likely to occur in the case of pollution on a large scale. However, when washing the car at home, at least the minimum rate of 25-50 euros should be expected. Baden-Württemberg is particularly strict in this respect: the fine starts at 500 euros. Car owners can find out about the legal situation at their place of residence in the municipal bylaws.

Car washing at home: What do I have to consider??

According to the ADAC, the following regulations apply to car washing at home, provided it is permitted regionally: Engine washing is generally prohibited, as pollutants such as oil can dissolve. This is only possible on a designated washing area. In addition, the car should only be cleaned with water, a sponge and a brush.

Dry cleaning or the use of a steam jet is prohibited. Washing in water protection areas is prohibited. In addition, it must be ensured that the property is connected via a drain to the public sewer system.

Pollen and bird droppings: How do I wash my car at home??

First make sure that there is a drain to the sewage system nearby. When washing at home, the car should first be sprayed with the hose. Then you loosen coarser dirt with a sponge. Attention: Under no circumstances should steel sponges be used, they destroy the car paint. For the windows, fly sponges are suitable for stubborn dirt, but for the paintwork you should use more gentle variants.

Washing your car at home what is allowed

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Washing your car at home what is allowed

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Washing your car at home what is allowed

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By the way, particularly stubborn dirt can be removed with special cleaning clay. The vehicle should then be waxed to protect it from pollen and bird droppings. The wax can be applied with a pad. For a clean windshield, it is also advisable to use a special summer cleaner, as a mixture of pollen dust and antifreeze can form streaks on the windows.

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